The Theatres Trust is to take on an expanded role in protecting theatre buildings in Wales through the planning system. 

Photo of the theatre building

'New Theatre, Cardiff' by Jaggery (CC BY-SA 2.0)

New Town and Country Planning rules that have come into force mean that local planning authorities in Wales now need to consult the Theatres Trust on a wider range of developments for which planning permission is required.

Before the changes, the Trust had to be consulted only on applications relating to existing theatres. Its enhanced statutory remit means applications for new theatre buildings, and applications for residential developments next to theatre buildings will also be referred to it. The Trust, as the national advisory body for theatres, has called for similar changes in the English and Scottish planning systems.

Mhora Samuel, the Trust’s Director said “This is great news for the future of theatre in Wales. It gives the Trust more opportunity to ensure new developments next to theatres, including housing, retail and commercial, do not affect the long term operation or viability of the theatre.”

Liz Hill