The dance world is in uproar following Universities Minister David Willetts’ comments that traditional, academic subjects should carry a higher tariff of UCAS points than subjects such as dance. In an interview with the Telegraph newspaper, Willetts said that newer subjects such as dance and photography were not “core academic subjects” and should not be treated as such. He suggested that so-called “soft” subjects should be worth less points than traditional academic subjects. This debate is not new, but as AP reported last September, spokespeople from both Oxford and Cambridge universities indicated that although it is still not viewed as a traditional academic subject, dance is deemed an acceptable ‘A’ level by both institutions. Caroline Miller, Director of Dance UK, told AP: “When two such important politicians as Mr Gove and Mr Willetts make public comments like this it is a real threat to the position of dance in schools which will put the position of dance education back 20 years.”