Issue 284

Cultural tourism

Photo of an aerial street performer
Photo: William Murphy (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Recognising the potential growth of cultural tourism four years ago, Ireland’s audience agency published a guide for arts organisations. Una Carmody summarises the key points.

Tourism is a very important contributor to the Irish economy and an important part of the cultural audience infrastructure. For many arts organisations cultural tourism has the potential to be a growth area, and many links have formed between arts organisations and businesses and agencies in local areas.

We at Arts Audiences carried out an action research project with three representative arts organisations in 2011, and from that produced a ‘How to’ guide together with case studies....

Also in this feature

Collage of London tourist attractions

Two capital cities, London and Cardiff, are working collaboratively and over the long term to attract cultural tourists, Helen Palmer explains.

Photo: Michelle Thompson
Photo of Paper Bridge

Is there a need for ‘Cultural Destinations’ funding in the Lake District, a region already full of tourists? Definitely, says Richard Foster.

Photo of circus performers

Karl Greenwood on ways to help tourists discover a city from the inside out, tapping into local knowledge through technology and user-generated content.

Photo: Andrew Billington
Photo of exhibition in church

An annual visual arts event in Brighton seeks to take visitors away from the usual tourist hotspots in the centre of the city, says Judy Stevens.

Photo: Nigel Green