Issue 283

Volunteers in the workplace

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Community members and arts and heritage organisations can all benefit from volunteering if some basic principles are followed. Abigail Kay explains what good practice looks like.

When I glance down a list of volunteering opportunities on websites like Do It or CharityJob, I am always struck by the sheer variety of roles available. Volunteering within the arts and heritage sectors allows both individuals and organisations to benefit from a range of skills development and networking opportunities, with roles from front of house and outreach through to finance and administration.

Mutual and ongoing value, however, can only be delivered when proper investment is...

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Volunteers are now at the heart of a national programme to improve wellbeing and social cohesion, says Penny East.

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London Bubble offers a wide variety of volunteering opportunities, but it’s not just about one-off opportunities, explains Lucy Bradshaw – they’re in it for the long haul.

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Unpaid work is a serious problem for many Equity members but, as Emmanuel de Lange explains, a new campaign to increase awareness should lead to a better, fairer entertainment industry.

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Regularly volunteering in both front of house and backstage roles has given many students their initial interest in the arts, according to Katherine Edwardes.

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A recent visual arts and museums project offered volunteers training to enable them to talk more knowledgably and confidently to visitors, says Carolyn Black.

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Photo of volunteer at the Manchester Day parade

With such a large number of volunteers working on the Manchester Day celebrations year after year, Liz Pugh gives some advice on how to build a team of loyal volunteers.