Production shot: woman bound by nurses
24 Feb 2017 Opinion

Liz Hill tells NPOs, ‘just say no’ to a fundamentally flawed scheme that will reveal more about the nature of the audience than the quality of an arts organisation’s artistic work. 

Let’s put this out there right at the start. I think it is nothing short of fantasy to suggest that standardised metrics and aggregated data can deliver a form of benchmarking that will give Arts Council England (ACE) an overview of the quality of the work its funds.

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I speak from experience. In 2003 I was the lead consultant on an exploratory research project that the Scottish Arts... more

Photo of puppy 23 Feb 2017 Feature

With new technologies offering potential answers to a myriad of problems facing arts organisations, how can you sift out the ones that offer cost-effective solutions? Andrew Thomas makes some suggestions.

Photo of the exterior of Watermill Theatre 23 Feb 2017 Case study

The Watermill Theatre’s new box office management system has increased ticket sales and donations, and encouraged customers to book earlier, says Libby Penn.

Photo of man and woman dancing 23 Feb 2017 Feature

What’s behind the current rise in interest in dance for older people? Hannah Osmond has been finding out.

Couple viewing a painting and sculpture by Anselm Kiefer 23 Feb 2017 Feature

What rights do artists have when their work is exhibited without their permission? Eleni Polycarpou considers the controversy surrounding the Anselm Kiefer exhibition in China.

Photo of three women drawing on a white wall 23 Feb 2017 Feature

The work that artists do in education, health and social care settings has long been undervalued, but Nick Ponsillo is hopeful that changes are on their way.

Photo of young musicaians 23 Feb 2017 Case study

Realising they shared values and aims, Sage Gateshead and Newcastle United Foundation decided to team up. Wendy Smith describes a project that brought music lovers and football fans together. 

Dawn Walton and Shamser Sinha in rehearsals 21 Feb 2017 Case study

A new diversity programme will shift power and resources to where they can be most effective. Dawn Walton explains the thinking behind Eclipse Theatre’s new artist development initiative.

Photo of meeting 16 Feb 2017 Feature

The Charity Commission’s new fundraising guide has transformed the role of trustees. Samir Savant considers whether it is a change for the better.  

Exterior of Compton Verney 16 Feb 2017 Feature

If you only have one level of membership you’re missing a trick. Debbie Richards explains how Baker Richards helped Compton Verney gain thousands of additional members by expanding its offer.

Photo of playing music 16 Feb 2017 Case study

Manchester Camerata’s work with people with dementia recently took its musicians to Tokyo to deliver training. Lucy Geddes reveals what they shared and what they learned.

Photo of baby in centre stage with musicians 14 Feb 2017 Case study

A fascination with lullabies has led Supriya Nagarajan to produce inter-cultural performances and education projects around the world. She tells the story. 

Cartoon of Facebook's thumbs up and young people 13 Feb 2017 Feature

Is your organisation’s Facebook page failing to gain traction? Paul Taylor shares ten essential tips to boost your profile.

Photo of audience watching performance 09 Feb 2017 Opinion

No wonder there is so much talk about the death of opera when people are excluded from it all the time, says Bill Bankes-Jones. But are attitudes finally starting to change?

Photo of performers on stage with arms raised 09 Feb 2017 Case study

Taking inspiration from the local community for a new musical about a nightclub proved so successful for Oldham Coliseum that they’re doing it again. Cathy Crabb and Lindsay Williams tell the story.

Photo of performers on stage 09 Feb 2017 Case study

Selling new work to audiences and venues can be difficult enough, but how do you sell a new artform like storytelling? Naomi Wilds explains how Adverse Camber has faced up to the challenge.

Photo of orchestra on stage 09 Feb 2017 Case study

The Orchestra of the Swan has found a formula for boldly commissioning new works that pleases both composers and audiences. David Curtis explains his approach.

Photo of two women wearing masks 09 Feb 2017 Case study

Theatre can be a powerful training tool for community workers. Louise Heywood describes Geese Theatre Company’s work with criminal justice and social welfare professionals.

Photo of two teenage girls 02 Feb 2017 Feature

Aside from pockets of innovative practice, many arts organisations are at a loss as to how to engage young people, who behave and think quite differently to older marketers and programmers. Lucie Fitton offers an insight into their world.

Photo of three wowen in stage production holding dusters 02 Feb 2017 Feature

Following the Brexit vote, are young European actors who have chosen to work in the UK likely to stay? Mark C. Hewitt sounded out a few of them.

Photo of man with giant dragon lantern 02 Feb 2017 Case study

The first Mossley Light Festival may have transformed the northern town for just one night, but the change in the community will be much more long term. Leon Patel explains how it empowered local people. 

Glass Skyscraper 02 Feb 2017 Opinion

UK cities must be granted freedoms to attract inward investment and build the country’s reputation as a creative powerhouse, or risk being left behind, argues Councillor Phil Bale.

Photo of young children with actors on stage 30 Jan 2017 Case study

Every child in Scotland will see a performing arts production in their school each year if the National Theatre of Scotland’s plans go ahead. Lucy Mason reviews the first year of a trailblazing new pilot.