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04 May 2016 Feature

After a secondment at NASA, Hannah Bird urges the cultural sector to follow its example in areas like experimentation, collaboration, risk and failure.

I’ve always been interested in the edges of things, where boundaries blur and things don’t quite make sense. I am neither artist nor scientist, producer nor director, although I have been described as all those things. What drives me is not the definition of a job title or being an expert in one thing, but a curiosity to learn and understand something from different angles, to add to, change and improve it.

In his book Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson explores the conditions... more

Photo of a girl in the Infinity box 05 May 2016 Feature

The benefits of clinical commissioners working with the arts sector have been highlighted by pilot schemes in Kent and Gloucestershire. Jessica Harris shares the details.

Tunnel visit 05 May 2016 Case study

A third of frontline staff in Brighton’s museums have now taken part in a placement programme that is boosting their skills. Helen Graham explains how it works. 

Photo of the library as performance venue 05 May 2016 Case study

The invitation to bring a disused library in Southwark back to life as a pop-up space for artists and community groups came with many challenges as well as opportunities, Rebecca Manson Jones reveals.

Photo of woman reading 28 Apr 2016 Feature

It is not trade that binds Europe together, it’s culture, argues Eric Lane. He explains how a reading campaign is engaging with the EU referendum debate.

Photo of exterior of Exeter Corn Exchange 28 Apr 2016 Case study

When Exeter Corn Exchange had to become financially self-sufficient, its busier programme required a fully rounded box office management system. Libby Penn reports.

Photo of a person writing 27 Apr 2016 Feature

A fundraising audit can help unlock your organisation’s potential. Wendy Smithers explains exactly how to conduct one.

Delegates at TippingPoint event 26 Apr 2016 Feature

In despair at the lack of an adequate plan for tackling climate change, Peter Gingold urges the arts sector to ask the difficult questions.

Actors on stage at the RSC 21 Apr 2016 Feature

What do audiences for Shakespeare look like today? As theatres prepare to mark the 400th anniversary of the bard’s death, The Audience Agency reveals some valuable insights.

Photo of a performance 21 Apr 2016 Feature

70 years after public money was first put towards increasing the accessibility of the arts, Steven Hadley asks if it’s a never-ending task.

Students in beautiful library 21 Apr 2016 Feature

We accept income as a strong predictor of cultural taste. But why should this be, asks sociologist Aaron Reeves. And does taste matter as much as actual participation? 

Children in hay 21 Apr 2016 Case study

The key to building a loyal audience for a family arts festival? It needs to come from a place of integrity, says Rowan Hoban.

Photo of children and actor 21 Apr 2016 Case study

Families are key to audience development, but how do you attract them? Patrick Spottiswoode reveals how Shakespeare’s Globe plans to market a new festival to family audiences.