Photo of man in cinema
18 May 2017 Feature

Live-to-screen may offer plenty of opportunities for engagement on multiple channels and platforms, but we need more and better analysis to start to fulfil its potential, says Anne Torreggiani.

While funders and policy-makers continue determinedly promoting the democratising benefits of making “the digital dimension… a place in itself” (The Cultural White Paper, 2016), concerns about the displacement effect of recorded content remain. In the 2015 Digital Culture research, NESTA reported a marked drop-off in organisations choosing to screen their performances, especially at the mid-scale.

… the more we can do to make creative content available in the time, manner and place... more

Photo of people looking at a painting in gallery 18 May 2017 Feature

Need to forecast attendances or ticket sales? Jenny Scudamore explains how to make better predictions.

Image of young people working in music studio 18 May 2017 Case study

A week-long arts residency involving young NEETs was a far cry from some ‘old skool’ outreach projects. Ammo Talwar reveals what was needed to re-engage with them ‘street-style’.

Image of clarinetist & young woman in wheelchair with tambourine 18 May 2017 Case study

What could two independent music practitioners achieve by starting international conversations about music-making with children with special needs? Tom Northey tells the story.

Photo of girls watching show and clapping 18 May 2017 Opinion

As technology becomes an increasingly distracting force, it’s down to live entertainment to tempt people to set aside their devices and be present with each other, says Dave Wakeman.

Photo of female dancer on stage with graphic lighting 16 May 2017 Case study

When choreographing a new contemporary dance work for young people, Rosie Kay committed to really listening to their concerns and beliefs – and it took the work in a surprising new direction.

Photo of 5 young people with lake & hills 11 May 2017 Case study

Young people in remote parts of Scotland have gained the skills to organise rural tours in a project designed to generate a new breed of arts promoters. Jo McLean describes their experience.

Taking photo of fireworks on phone 11 May 2017 Feature

Live entertainment is still a big draw for the Netflix generations, but how should arts organisations go about building relationships with them? Olivia Carr shares some advice. 

Photo of young people round table 11 May 2017 Case study

Preston’s Harris Museum and Art Gallery needs ‘re-imagining’ and who better to do it than the young people who will be its visitors in the years to come, says Matthew Wilde.

Photo of three young dancers in spotlight 11 May 2017 Case study

Tate’s Circuit programme for young people has helped promote wider organisational understanding of the value of young people as cultural producers. Mark Miller reflects on its impact and highlights.

Two young people in recording studio 11 May 2017 Case study

Music-making sessions for young people with mental health issues have had a recognised impact, and commissioning an independent evaluation has enabled the knowledge and experiences gained to be shared, explains Miriam Steiner.

Photo of man on street with headphones 04 May 2017 Feature

In the competitive world of apps, how can a cultural tour app stand out? Researchers at King’s College London and the University of Melbourne identify five key features.

Dancer on the floor 04 May 2017 Case study

Digital platforms enhance audience engagement in museums and galleries but can the same be done in the performing arts? Ben Walmsley discusses a research project in contemporary dance.

Photo of concert 03 May 2017 Case study

Performing in concert halls around the world makes setting ticket prices tricky. So, explains Jane Donald, the RSNO begins by asking one simple question.

Photo of cast on stage at Globe Theatre 27 Apr 2017 Feature

Recent controversy at Shakespeare’s Globe made little mention of a key point raised by Dominic Dromgoole: the importance of £5 tickets. Nicky Goulder says the incoming artistic director should fight to keep them.