Photo of museum shop
11 Feb 2016 Feature

Gallery and theatre shops can learn a lot from high-street retailers. Corin Birchall shares his tips.

Commerciality and sustainability are becoming words that many galleries and theatres have to consider more, as austerity measures result in reduced grants and financial support for the arts sector. This has been a harder transition for some institutions than others. I have met many curators, operation managers and volunteers that feel overt commercialisation in some way undermines or sours the fundamental reasons for preserving and presenting collections, rather than enhancing and supporting... more

Photo of audience and players at snooker championships 11 Feb 2016 Case study

Every year, 40,000 people are drawn to Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre for an event that is neither a play nor a musical. Bookey Oshin reports on an unusual partnership. 

Photo of filming a stage play 11 Feb 2016 Feature

Are you sitting on a gold mine? Patrick Towell believes the arts sector is missing out by not exploiting its intangible assets. 

Photo of screening of Antigone 11 Feb 2016 Case study

When Pilot Theatre first livestreamed a theatre production eight years ago, it did not foresee this leading to a significant new income stream, says Marcus Romer.

Photo of River Tyne in Newcastle 04 Feb 2016 Feature

The separation of Treasury and Lottery funding for the arts could pave the way for a more equitable future, and the forthcoming White Paper is the perfect opportunity to make this change, argue the authors of the 2014 ROCC report.

Photo of two actors on stage 04 Feb 2016 Feature

For small arts companies, it’s a fiercely competitive time to be applying for funding from trusts and foundations. Annie Rigby and Natalie Querol share their very different experiences. 

Photo of musicians on see-saw 03 Feb 2016 Feature

When audiences for her contemporary circus tours stagnated, Rachel Clare of Crying Out Loud realised a fresh approach was needed. She reveals how Circus Evolution has revolutionised circus marketing.

Photo of bird box 02 Feb 2016 Case study

Spending time in the great outdoors is proven to boost wellbeing, but how can the arts encourage people to do it? Nicky Goulder describes one project that is doing just that. 

Photo of an aerial performer 28 Jan 2016 Feature

Arts in the UK are stronger and better off thanks to EU membership. As the referendum approaches, Lucy Thomas calls for the sector to speak up. 

Double exposure photo - man playing guitar with 'Exit' sign 28 Jan 2016 Feature

The UK’s arts and cultural sector has borne the burden of EU law for long enough – we have nothing to fear from leaving the EU, says Harriet Bridgeman.

Photo of European Parliament in Strasbourg 28 Jan 2016 Feature

The decision of UK citizens – to stay or leave the EU – will affect the cultural life of future generations all across the continent. So how do European citizens hope they will vote? Katherine Heid shares her perspective.

Photo of woman looking at wall of tiny images 26 Jan 2016 Feature

What will the next 12 months bring for the arts and cultural sector? The Audience Agency team share their predictions for what lies ahead.

Photo of music event at rugby ground 26 Jan 2016 Case study

The local rugby league club proved to be the secret to getting a town with low arts engagement interested in a cultural programme, explains Patrick Fox.