Photo of break dancer performing on street
22 Jun 2017 Feature

Only 8% of people regularly engage with publicly funded art, but every day people are creating their own versions of culture. Nick Wilson and Jonathan Gross report on research that makes the case for a new approach to cultural policy.

Towards Cultural Democracy, the report published by King’s College London, presents a new agenda for cultural policy and practice in the UK. The product of a 15-month enquiry carried out alongside the BBC’s Get Creative campaign, which itself was launched in response to the Warwick Commission, the report addresses the crisis in democratic legitimacy of cultural provision in the UK. It places the notion of cultural capability – the substantive freedom to make, transform and contest versions... more

Photo of woman in landscape of rock and trees 28 Jun 2017 Feature

Fresh from her participation on a Julie’s Bicycle creative climate leadership course, Harpreet Kaur discusses how the arts have a critical role to play in the climate change debate.

Photo of laptop on lecturn 22 Jun 2017 Feature

Hiring out space is an easy revenue stream for many arts venues. Andrew Thomas shares tips on how to manage underused assets. 

Photo of woman watching younger man writing 22 Jun 2017 Feature

Delivering training to creative businesses across Africa, the Pacific and the Caribbean has taught Visiting Arts the value of forming relationships face-to-face, says Sophia Victoria.

Photo of pink heart pegged on a line 21 Jun 2017 Case study

As producer-in-residence of a whole town, Bridget Floyer explains how she treats the residents as neighbours rather than audiences or participants.

Photo of performance of outdoor opera 21 Jun 2017 Case study

Are free and discount ticket schemes key to reaching new audiences or do they simply benefit existing bookers? Michael Volpe shares Opera Holland Park’s experiences.

Photo of man painting a self-portrait 15 Jun 2017 Feature

A new study looking at the benefits of visual art activities for people living with dementia should provide the evidence that decision-makers need, say Teri Howson-Griffiths and Gill Windle.

Photo of three women dancing on dark set 15 Jun 2017 Feature

With fewer students studying creative subjects at school, the UK’s Bridge organisations have taken on the challenge to promote the arts. Sarah Mumford explains what is happening in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Photo of four actors with props before a show 15 Jun 2017 Case study

Bedside theatre performances in hospitals are helping children escape from stress and anxiety. Persephone Sextou explains the work of an American scheme now running in the UK.

Photo of two women looking at ceramics in a store room 14 Jun 2017 Case study

Cockpit Arts’ programme of support for apprenticeships in the craft sector is delivering tangible benefits among micro craft businesses, says Imogen Lawry.

Photo of two people sitting on set with black & white lighting 14 Jun 2017 Feature

A simple repertoire scoring system is far more effective than a crystal ball for predicting the popularity of a programme, setting budgets and segmenting an audience. David Reece explains how it works.

Photo of three women looking at buildings 08 Jun 2017 Feature

Cultural organisations are missing a trick by not tapping into the tourist trade, but a successful strategy involves more than a new leaflet. Anne Torreggiani and Helen Palmer share their advice.

Performance shot: man in boat under a raining umbrella 08 Jun 2017 Case study

Tourism has been in decline in England’s seaside towns for years, but now a network bringing world-class circus and street arts to the coast is enticing the tourists back. Joe Mackintosh tells the story.

Photo of boy holding a skull 08 Jun 2017 Case study

Millions of tourists flock to see Shakespeare’s England, but they don’t all have time to catch a play. Geraldine Collinge explains how the RSC has extended its offer beyond theatre. 

Photo of female performer with hoolahoops 08 Jun 2017 Feature

Scotland’s year-round programme of cultural events attracts huge numbers of international visitors, but it takes careful strategic planning and continuous improvement, says Stuart Turner.

Man making schoolchildren laugh 01 Jun 2017 Feature

Wales is two years into an ambitious national initiative to improve education outcomes by embedding creative approaches to learning in schools. Nick Capaldi reports on progress so far.

Photo of man lecturing to students 01 Jun 2017 Feature

Arts organisations’ failure to devote proper resources to lifelong learning will lead to the sector falling behind, warns Michelle Wright.

Photo of dancer on floor 01 Jun 2017 Case study

A European Union-funded dance project won ‘success story’ status from a panel of experts for its impact, creative approach and the inspiration it gave others. Carole Blade tells the story.