Photo of Josephine Pryde exhibition
23 Jun 2016 Feature

Regional galleries have helped many UK artists achieve international acclaim. But their role as champions of ground-breaking work is under threat, warns Kate Brindley.

The shortlisting announced for the 2016 Turner Prize last month revealed that three of the four finalists were nominated for the impact their work achieved at international exhibitions. This indicates the extent to which UK contemporary art is continuing to enjoy acclaim overseas as a creative force. But it also raises questions about whether UK artists should need to achieve international acclaim before they can be considered worthy finalists for the UK’s biggest arts prize.

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Photo of people at a networking event 28 Jun 2016 Feature

To engage visitors, a museum must start by cultivating dialogue between its staff members, says Corinne Estrada. 

Photo of researcher talking to member of the public 27 Jun 2016 Opinion

A yes/no referendum on museum free entry would be a terrible idea, so why did the Government think it was an acceptable way of deciding whether we stay in or leave the EU, asks Liz Hill

Photo of audience in dark theatre 24 Jun 2016 Opinion

Achieving greater diversity in the arts isn’t rocket science, says Ammo Talwar, but it is time for big actions.

Man on seat 23 Jun 2016 Case study

Home Live Art’s interactive literary salon event sold out quickly, but when she met the audience Mimi Banks was surprised. She reflects on the difficulties of marketing interactive live art. 

Photo of Sheffield's Crucible theatre 22 Jun 2016 Case study

Sheffield Theatres was part of a regional consortium of box offices until it decided its audience development activities would benefit from going it alone. Libby Penn describes the painless uncoupling.

Photo of man with laptop 22 Jun 2016 Feature

Is converting a charity to a charitable incorporated organisation worth the hassle? Mahmood Reza looks at the pros and cons, and explains the process.

Acrobatics on bench 16 Jun 2016 Feature

The outdoor arts attract audiences that other artforms aren’t always able to. Jonathan Goodacre examines why.

Photo of people with certificates 15 Jun 2016 Case study

Tired of seeing British East Asian actors being given underwritten, stereotyped roles, Kumiko Mendl decided to do something about it.

Photo of singer and guitarist 14 Jun 2016 Case study

Last year Youth Music more than doubled its fundraising income, exceeding its already ambitious target. Emma Holenstein reveals how they did it.

Visitors outside Milton Keynes station 14 Jun 2016 Case study

Monica Ferguson charts how Milton Keynes’ international arts festival has changed the way people view the new town.

Artwork in railway arches 09 Jun 2016 Case study

A 100-metre high public artwork isn’t always the answer. Peter McCaughey reflects on why he took a more dispersed approach to an art strategy for a housing project in inner Glasgow.

Merged image of Bayeux Tapestry and a performance 09 Jun 2016 Case study

Hastings is at long last celebrating its place in history with a festival of contemporary arts. Polly Gifford tells all.

09 Jun 2016 Case study

Turning the city of Belfast into a gallery has captured residents’ imaginations and changed the way they view their home.

Girl playing violin 09 Jun 2016 Case study

An In Harmony programme has embedded Royal Liverpool Philharmonic in its local community. Susanne Burns reveals how the orchestra helps shape Everton’s sense of place.

Photo of the house where Shakespeare was born 09 Jun 2016 Feature

What exactly is placemaking and how can it work in the UK? Torn between cynicism and hope, TC Peppercorn takes a closer look.