Issue 282

16 to 24 year olds

Image of young men dancing

The Scottish Government’s youth arts strategy aims to increase engagement in the arts as well as tackle inequality. Fiona Hyslop outlines how it has evolved.

I strongly believe that music, dance, art, literature and theatre help us all to broaden our horizons, challenge our preconceptions, promote awareness of other cultures and experiences, and move us towards a deeper understanding of the world we live in. My One Scotland programme underlined how we will create a wealthier and more equal society, and tackling social justice and reducing inequalities is one of our most important priorities. We know that through the well-established links between...

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Image of performance of The Magic Paintbrush

Recent research looked into the value young people in a deprived area of London place on education and participation in the arts. Catherine McNamara discusses the findings.

Photo: Geraint Lewis
Image of group of young critics

A new strand to Theatre Royal Winchester’s learning and participation work sees young people developing their skills as theatre critics, says Carl Woodward.

Photo: Dominic Parkes Photography
Imgae of jumping ambassadors

Youth Dance England’s Ambassador programme offers young people the chance to satisfy their passion for dance as well as develop valuable career skills, says Claire Somerville.

Photo: Brian Slater
Image of actors and audience

Toby Ealden tells how he has thrown out the theatrical rulebook to physically immerse audiences in a teenage house party.

Photo: Roy Ealden
Image of performers at Youth Takeover concert

Orchestras Live invited a group of 16-22 year olds to produce a concert with the City of London Sinfonia. Jan Ford was impressed by their creativity, imagination and enthusiasm.

Photo: Patryk Majewski
Image of Harrison Birtwistle and student

Inviting Sir Harrison Birtwistle as composer in residence to a new music festival had the desired effect on the student performers and composers, says Richard Causton.

Photo: Mustafa Beg