"Arts Professional are efficient and value for money as a marketing resource; alert and responsive as a journalistic resource – all in all a great asset to the profile and reach of the arts sector"

Charlotte Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Theatre Council

Who do we reach?

Our most recent* readership survey told us that three-quarters of our readers work in or with the arts, at middle or senior levels.

Our readers are committed to the arts and value ArtsProfessional’s ability to keep them in touch with the latest news, trends, information and ideas that are specifically relevant to their work.

It includes those working across the arts and cultural sector – performing arts, visual arts, digital media, crafts, museums and others – and from across the spectrum of size, from venues with multi-million pound turnovers to small voluntary groups.

* AP Readership Survey 2013

How many do we reach?

Our readership is at its highest point ever, and is growing.

  • Three-quarters* of readers work in or with the arts, at middle or senior levels
  • Our website gets around 42,200** visits each month
  • We have over 47,500*** Twitter followers @ArtsPro, @ArtsJobFinder and @ArtsPro_Events
  • We send around 64,000*** emails to self-registered readers every week.

* AP Readership Survey 2013
** Google Analytics January – December 2014
*** AP March 2015

Does AP charge for advertising?

We get asked this question a lot. The answer is yes – for two very simple reasons:

1. We no longer charge anyone to read ArtsProfessional, and this means we rely on advertising revenues alone to sustain our position as a trusted independent voice, in a sector where others may feel unable to speak out.

2. Independence gives ArtsProfessional the freedom to draw attention to some of the most important issues facing the arts sector today. We’re not funded by anyone, and we take seriously our responsibility to speak the truth and hold public bodies to account.

Fortunately we deliver results – click through to find out more about how we can help you advertise jobs, events, products/services and courses.

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