Failure to diversify will cause theatre to become irrelevant to the majority of the British...

Quotas in the arts failed in the 1980s. But now is the time to champion their reintroduction,...

New figures reveal the volatile nature of arts income as National Portfolio Organisations become...

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The Center for Contemporary Dance
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Photo of Deryck Newland presenting
Artistic Director and CEO of Pavilion Dance South West, DERYCK NEWLAND, is to leave the organisation next year. He will take up the role of...
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PAUL KERRYSON, previously Artistic Director of Leicester Theatre Trust, has been appointed Interim Executive Director of Buxton Opera House...
Formerly Chief Executive of Sky, TONY BALL has been appointed Chairman of the Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG). 
MOYA GREENE, CEO of Royal Mail Group since 2010, and JAYNE-ANNE GADHIA, CEO of Virgin Money, have been appointed to Tate’s Board of...
Photo of Jenni Lomax
After 26 years in the role, JENNI LOMAX is to step down as Director of the Camden Arts Centre from July 2017.

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  • The Center for Contemporary Dance

    Quotas in the arts failed in the 1980s. But now is the time to champion their reintroduction, across workforce and artistic programming, argues Christy Romer in the fifth in a series of articles.

  • Graphic showing stats on a laptop screen

    Understanding who visits your website is key to developing audiences. In these infographics, The Audience Agency reveals what its tools can tell us about online arts audiences. 

  • Photo of Science Gallery exterior at night

    Can free editorial and reviews get your message across just as well as paid-for advertising? Teresa Crowley explains how to calculate AEV. 

  • Young people performing on dodgems

    Andy Dawson explains how the RSC’s schools programme inspires children through Shakespeare while avoiding a ‘one size fits all’ model.  

  • Photo of people in security workshop

    How can museums and galleries stop highly organised art theft? Andy Davis recommends an approach that combines a mix of security measures.

  • Photo of light patterns on wall of building

    As the funding landscape shifted, universities emerged as an ideal partner for creative producers Threshold Studios. Uzma Johal and Barry Hale reveal how they have been collaborating with the University of Lincoln. 

  • Jessica Tanghetti finds Darren Henley’s book about why investment in culture pays full of soul and passion but lacking a call to action. 

  • Photo of concert from audience

    Tired of seeing classical music magazines filled with middle-aged white faces, James Fleury proposes four ‘mental makeovers’ that could help increase diversity in the sector. 

  • Photo of Jenny Crowe

    From Patti Smith to Katy Dove, Platform’s Jenny Crowe tells us who inspires her. 

  • Photo of dancers jumping on stage

    Who has been attending the events marking Shakespeare’s death this year? James Doeser and Georgina Chapman reveal some surprises.

  • Photo of laptop with Google Analytics

    Calculating return on investment is a great way to measure the effectiveness of arts marketing activities. Carol Jones explains exactly how to do it.


Readers' Comments

Hi Priti. Thanks for your comment. Have you implemented quotas at ShivaNova/Equator Festival?
Posted by ChristyRomer on Arts diversity: The quota conversation
Those organisations that resist any form of quotas resist thinking about diversity, as having quotas forces you to think about whom you are...
Posted by Priti Paintal on Arts diversity: The quota conversation
Very well said. Thanks you.
Posted by GeraldBrennan on A mental makeover for classical music
"The lack of diversity in the classical arts has been the elephant in the room for years." - No, it hasn't. Only among the...
Posted by GeraldBrennan on A mental makeover for classical music
I first thought this article was a brilliant satire, criticizing a form of populist PC culture which attacks classical music for failing to...
Posted by John Borstlap on A mental makeover for classical music
Heh, that's kitsch, not 'kitch'.
Why privilege classical music over, say, popular music, in the musical education of children? For the same reason we privilege literacy...
Can I question the assumptions a little, whilst absolutely embracing the need for ROI. The decision to take up an offer (even an exclusive...
Posted by Chris Grady on A simple formula to measure success
I entirely understand why Paula Murray has placed this article within a leading arts industry publication. I work in PR I would do the same...
Posted by Proud to work in theatre on All change in Croydon
I'm old enough to remember when Croydon Clocktower was the great new thing. Now its rather sad. I hope Fairfield Halls don't...
Posted by Museummaurice on All change in Croydon

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