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Camden Council teams up with arts organisation to transform 90 empty flats into affordable creative workspaces for local artists.

A person painting in a workspace

Camden Council

More than 150 affordable workspaces for artists, designers, and makers will be created in tower blocks vacated due to the ongoing construction of the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail project, it has been announced.

Following a deal struck between Camden Council and HS2 Ltd earlier this year, the majority of residents in the Cartmel, Coniston and Langdale towerblocks in Regent's Park Estate are to be moved to homes away from the construction disruption.

Camden Council says that with construction expected to last a further decade, it is linking up with Bow Arts to provide more than 150 affordable creative workspaces across the flats.


As part of the project, Bow Arts will provide a "sustainable offer" to local grassroots organisations through the provision of 15 rent-free workspaces, as well as multi-purpose hub spaces for other established community groups.  

Bow Arts will also link the provision with creative hubs and studios across London to connect Camden creatives with new opportunities.

Camden Council has said the site will be one of the largest affordable space offers in London. 

The move follows a successful pilot scheme launched last year in which Bow Arts adopted 17 flats to provide 39 workspaces for creative practitioners, repurposing flats deemed “virtually uninhabitable” due to disruption caused by HS2 development.

Loss of talent

Marcel Baettig, CEO and Founder of Bow Arts, said: “The cost of property is driving young artists, designers and makers further and further out of London, in search of spaces to live and work in. 

"The loss of talent and skills from these essential creative workers is massive; both for the economy of the city, but fundamentally for the lives of local communities living within London. 

“It is vital to keep artists in our cities – this new and unique partnership between Camden Council and Bow Arts is committed to creating over 150 new truly affordable creative workspaces that will help early-career artists stay in London, and embed them within the local community.”

Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council, said residents in the area had been really suffering due to HS2 construction disruption.

“However, with these blocks now mainly empty, we can’t have these and the wider Euston area shut off from our communities while HS2 Ltd. pause on Euston Station. 

“Where it is safe to do so, we want these spaces to be opened up for our community to use.

“Projects like Bow Arts meet a huge local need for affordable workspace and helps us keep the creative talent which is integral to Camden’s DNA in the heart of our borough. 

"We will be pushing for a full range of meanwhile uses across the Euston site and impacted areas – this could be pop-up parks or open space, or accessible, affordable space for activities or work, for our communities’ benefit.”