“There are some places where you advertise to reach people looking for jobs but the great thing about ArtsProfessional is that it reaches a wide cross-section of cultural professionals who might just be prompted to find out about what you have on offer. Coventry 2021 had over 40 applications from local, national and, even, international candidates.” David Burbidge, Chair of the Coventry 2021 bid steering group


Advertise your vacancies in ArtsProfessional and you’ll be in good company. It’s a high profile and cost effective way to recruit employees, board members, interns & volunteers, and publicise invitations to tender.

We can get the word out about your vacancy to the arts professionals with the skills you need:

  • 86,000 people from 17,500 organisations are registered on our website
  • Our website gets around 54,200 visits from 43,500 visitors every month
  • We have around 54,000 Twitter followers @ArtsPro, @ArtsJobFinder and @ArtsPro_Events
  • We send around 73,000 emails to self-registered readers every week.
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Not convinced? Read more here about how ArtsProfessional can improve your chances of recruiting exactly the right person to fill your vacancy.

Advertising rates

In a nutshell, your vacancy can reach our extensive readership of arts professionals from as little as £250+VAT for a 1-week basic listing online and in our emails. And if you really want to stand out from the crowd, our most prominent and wide-reaching package is only £595+VAT for 6-weeks prominence as a Job of the Week, including exposure to all our Twitter followers.

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We know that everyone in the arts sector loves a discount, so if you’re going to be advertising more than one job at a time, or you’re recruiting to an unpaid position, such as a board member, let’s do a deal. Simply call us on 01223 200200, or email ads@artsprofessional.co.uk.

Special offer: Recruiting for a junior role?

We know that budgets are tight, especially if you are recruiting for a junior role. But whether junior or not you want the right person for the job, so with ArtsProfessional you can book a 2-week basic advert for just £95+VAT for a job with a full-time equivalent salary range not exceeding £20k pa.


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Why does AP charge for advertising?

We get asked this question a lot. There are two very simple reasons:

1. We no longer charge anyone to read ArtsProfessional, and this means we rely on advertising revenues alone to sustain our position as a trusted independent voice, in a sector where others may feel unable to speak out.

2. Independence gives ArtsProfessional the freedom to draw attention to some of the most important issues facing the arts sector today. We’re not funded by anyone, and we take seriously our responsibility to speak the truth and hold public bodies to account.

Fortunately we deliver results:

We can’t deny it, free websites are great for getting job vacancies in front of people who are actively looking for work. But sometimes that’s not the only priority. Sometimes you want to be absolutely certain that you will attract the very best candidates to apply for your vacancy and bring the highest level of skills into your organisation.

So think of it this way: for an amount equivalent to less than just a few days salary for your new recruit, you could make sure that you are reaching the very best possible set of potential candidates and be sure to avoid the unthinkable costs and hassle of not recruiting – or worse still, recruiting the wrong person.

Still not convinced? Read more here about how ArtsProfessional can improve your chances of recruiting exactly the right person to fill your vacancy.

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Or, to find out more about advertising with ArtsProfessional call 01223 200200 or email ads@artsprofessional.co.uk and we can start the dialogue.