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We can’t deny it, free websites are great for getting your job vacancies in front of a lot of people who are looking for work.

But sometimes that’s not the only priority.

Sometimes you just want to be absolutely certain that you will attract the very best person to your vacancy and bring the highest level of skills into your organisation – and you don’t want to risk missing that shining needle in a great big haystack.

We know that budgets are tight though, especially if you are recruiting for a junior role.

But whether junior or not you want the right person for the job, so you can book a

2-week basic recruitment advert in ArtsProfessional for just £95+VAT

This special offer has now been made permanent for

  • any role with a full-time equivalent salary of up to £21,500
  • when the salary level is included in the advert
  • and payment is made by credit/debit card in advance. 

Book your job advert online here

Combine this special offer with recruitment advertising for other more senior roles and you could save up to 20% more. Call 01223 200200 for more details.