“ArtsProfessional are efficient and value for money as a marketing resource; alert and responsive as a journalistic resource – all in all a great asset to the profile and reach of the arts sector”

Charlotte Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Theatre Council 

Advertise your conferences, training & events

Advertise your conferences, training & events in ArtsProfessional and you’ll be in good company

The Conferences, Training and Events guide is a one-stop shop designed to help arts professionals to take advantage of personal and professional development opportunities that relate to their work. And it’s a great way to spread the word about your conference, training day, discussion forum or trade show.

Whether it’s a single day or week-long event, a one-off or a series, the guide can accommodate it. (Courses running over an extended time period, such as academic courses and accredited training, are more suitable for our Courses Directory.)

We can get the word out about your event or training opportunity to thousands of arts professionals.

Some interesting facts and figures to consider when placing your advertising:

  • 85%* of readers work in or with the arts, at middle or senior levels
  • Our website gets around 54,200** visits each month
  • We have over 54,500*** Twitter followers @ArtsPro, @ArtsJobFinder and @ArtsPro_Events
  • We send around 73,000*** emails to self-registered readers every week.

* AP Readership Survey 2015
** Google Analytics April 2015 – March 2016
*** AP June 2016

PDF of AP readership stats

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Not convinced? Read more here about how ArtsProfessional can improve your chances of attracting the right people to your event.

Advertising rates

Conferences, training & event advertising options start at just £30. Read the details in our rate card, where you can see all our advertising options and associated prices to work out which is the best option for you.

Download our rate card for full details of all our advertising rates.

Looking to give your campaign an extra boost? Contact us – details below – to talk about solus emails, banner or superbutton advertising across our website and email bulletins.

Why does AP charge for advertising?

We get asked this questions a lot, there are two very simple reasons:

1. We no longer charge anyone to read ArtsProfessional, and this means we rely on advertising revenues alone to sustain our position as a trusted independent voice, in a sector where others may feel unable to speak out.

2. Independence gives ArtsProfessional the freedom to draw attention to some of the most important issues facing the arts sector today. We’re not funded by anyone, and we take seriously our responsibility to speak the truth and hold public bodies to account.

Fortunately we deliver results:

ArtsProfessional is a low-risk high-return place to advertise your event or training opportunity. From just £30 we’ll advertise your event on our website for a whole month, include it in our emails to thousands of arts professionals and tell our happy band of Twitter followers about it. Do you charge a fee for your event? Then if you advertise it with ArtProfessional and attract just one more delegate, chances are you will be quids in.

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