3 things you can do right now to show you mean ‘Black Lives Matter’

14 Jul 2020

The massive surge in support for the Black Lives Matter movement has everyone busily writing diversity policies, but more important still are some fundamental changes that can be actioned right now, says Sara Whybrew.

Welsh Culture and Race Taskforce launched

06 Jul 2020

The collective seeks to influence decision makers and put race at the forefront of the sector’s recovery, but the Arts Council of Wales says it won’t fund a group ‘set up to lobby us’.

“We need collectivity against structural and institutional racism in the cultural sector”

pencil or charcoal-drawn mural
24 Jun 2020

A collective of Black and Asian artists, curators and educators explains how the impenetrable glass ceiling keeps them on the margins – and why public statements promising reviews, reports and diversity panels cut no ice.

£32m funding shortfall as demand for ACE funds outstrips supply

a word cloud image featuring phrases such as savings, emergency fund, 3 to 6 months, safety net and others
19 Jun 2020

Two-thirds of organisations and almost three quarters of individuals who applied to Arts Council England for emergency funds were successful, but 4,000 applicants were left disappointed.

Drama School head falls on his sword

Central School of Speech and Drama
12 Jun 2020

Professor Gavin Henderson has apologised for “the lived experiences of students of colour” and his racist comments during his time as Principal of The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Director steps down to accelerate diversity plans

Lois Keidan with Bonzo, her dog
12 Jun 2020

Lois Keidan is leaving the Live Art Development Agency – which has an exclusively white workforce – to help address “critical issues of representation”.

The ethics of making ‘challenging’ work

Black female sitting at a desk, writing with a pencil. Coffee cup and saucer in the foreground
10 Jun 2020

Funders are putting BAME artists under increasing pressure to explore sensitive topics from their own lives or communities, but leave them unsupported to deal with the consequences of sharing their stories more widely. Ranjit Khutan calls for a more ethical approach.

Racism accusations trigger pledges of change

black and white aerial view of an audience by the side of the stage at The Almeida
10 Jun 2020

Plans are being drawn up for actions to improve diversity in the arts, though a long history of similar initiatives across the UK suggests that progress will continue to be slow.

BAME artists hold the sector to account

woman marching with banner 'stop killing black people'
03 Jun 2020

As cultural organisations post positive messages of support for the Black community on social media, Twitter has been alive with comments accusing them of “virtue signalling” while failing to address their own racism.

Race Equality Commission to review Equity’s anti-racism activities

rear view of protestors on an anti racism march holding banners
28 May 2020

The Commission will be asking fundamental questions about how the union organises, represents and fights for Black and minority ethnic workers, hoping to achieve reconciliation after a recent period of acrimony.

Escaping the trap of tradition

an orchestra performing in a multi-storey car park
20 May 2020

The time has come for conservatoires to recognise their role within the wider sector and to embrace the challenges presented by modern times. Tom Foster offers six proposals for setting the ball rolling.

Equality still a distant dream in publishing, report finds

three women sitting at a table with laptops chatting and smiling
07 May 2020

Tokenistic diversity schemes, middle-class professional networks and a heavy London bias in the literary and publishing industries mean nothing less than sweeping changes will be needed for the talent of working class writers to be recognised.

Why hitting diversity targets won’t make your organisation inclusive

An ethnically diverse group of young people gathered around a table
09 Apr 2020

Inclusion means ensuring workers can fulfil their potential, regardless of their background, identity or circumstance. Is now the time to re-think your organisation’s culture, asks Sara Whybrew.

How we can stop infantilising disabled artists?

A photo of a performance including an actor in a wheelchair
31 Mar 2020

Age-old paternalistic attitudes will persist unless disabled people lead change themselves, says Vici Wreford-Sinnott.

Covid-19: Disability top of mind for DCMS

30 Mar 2020

Disabled artists say their safety, security and insight into limited lifestyles are crucial during this crisis. 

I’m scared of the brave new world of the arts – because it might look just like the old

Amanda Parker presenting at a meeting
28 Mar 2020

As we rebuild the arts sector there are some things we must not lose. If we narrow our priorities too tightly we will limit our potential too, says Amanda Parker.

Time to ditch old-school approaches to audience development

A photo of a smartphone being held up in a concert audience
12 Mar 2020

Technocratic, old-school approaches to building audiences have only worked among privileged groups. The sector needs to think harder about what people actually want, says Anne Torreggiani.

When your audience is also part of the crew

A photo of a village hall with tables of people sitting down
12 Mar 2020

Working with rural communities to stage small-scale performances is good for the arts, the environment and local people, writes Sophie Motley.

'New artists' don't have to be young

A photo of women and men holding pom-poms
12 Mar 2020

The arts sector must do more to include older people, not only as consumers but also as creators of culture, says Stella Duffy.

ArtsProfessional meets… Robert Lepage

05 Mar 2020

What happens when an internationally acclaimed theatre producer is accused of cultural insensitivity? He puts on another production – about another nation’s culture, writes Amanda Parker.


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