If you are looking for talented new people to join your team, ArtsProfessional can connect you to a wide and diverse range of well-qualified candidates. People who read ArtsProfessional tend to be:

  • committed to best practice
  • hungry for professional development
  • determined to work with creative people
  • and see their work as a career path, not just a job

We have a wide range of price options to suit every budget and situation, and can help you ensure the people with the right skills know about your vacancy. Our advertising options offer three levels. Book online NOW and we can normally get your vacancy live online within 2 hours1.

Premium: great for senior/middle management or hard-to-recruit roles
Standard: effective specialist recruitment suitable for roles at all levels
Basic: budget great value option for attracting job-hunters

And a range of special rates and discounts

Summer 2020 special recruitment offer

Advertise your vacancies over the whole summer break at no extra cost: 6 weeks for the price of 2 for all* recruitment advertising starting before 26th August

Premium advertising

£595 for 2 to 6 weeks
£550 for 1 to 2 weeks
£450 for up to 1 week

  • Highlighted online on the ArtsJobFinder and ArtsPro home pages, and on news and features pages
  • Highlighted with logo in ArtsJobFinder, News and Good reads emails
  • Tweeted twice from @ArtsPro and @ArtsJobsFinder and posted to ArtsProfessional and ArtsJobFinder Facebook pages

Book a Premium advert

Standard advertising

£495 for 2 to 6 weeks
£450 for 1 to 2 weeks
£350 for up to 1 week

  • Highlighted online on the ArtsJobFinder homepage 
  • Featured in weekly ArtsJobFinder, News and Good reads emails 
  • Tweeted twice from @ArtsJobsFinder and posted to ArtsJobFinder Facebook page

Book a Standard advert

Basic advertising

£395 for 2 to 6 weeks
£350 for 1 to 2 weeks
£250 for up to 1 week

  • Listed online in the ArtsJobFinder section
  • Inclusion in weekly ArtsJobFinder and News emails
  • Tweeted once from @ArtsJobsFinder and posted to ArtsJobFinder Facebook page

Book a Basic advert

Special rates and discounts

Junior roles: For entry-level roles and paid internships where budgets are tightest: £95 for a 2-week basic level advert for roles with a full-time equivalent salary of up to £21,500 (conditions apply2)
Chairs and trustees: 20% discount for these unpaid roles where quality candidates are vital
Project roles: 50% discount for organisations needing freelancers or consultants for a short-term injection of temporary specialist expertise (conditions apply3)
Multiple bookings: the more you book, the more you save. 5% discount when you book two adverts, 10% for three, 15% for four, and 20% for five or more roles. 


Need more information?

Download our rate card
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Email us at ads@artsprofessional.co.uk
Call us on 01223 200200

1During normal office hours
2The salary must be published and the ad paid for by credit/debit card.
3A fixed fee or daily rate must be offered and published. Salaried roles are not eligible.

* summer 2020 special offer excludes adverts placed as junior jobs