Creating new images for peace

Photo of the Yardmen
03 Nov 2015

Murals were used to divide communities during the Troubles, now art is helping to build peace in Northern Ireland, says Roisin McDonough.

Work closely with the arts, London Mayor tells developers

Photo of Mayor of London Boris Johnson
29 Oct 2015

A new guide aims to help councils, developers and planners integrate culture into the capital’s developments.

Council to address Dundee V&A cost over-run

Museum projections
10 Sep 2015

Dundee City Council has endorsed independent recommendations for addressing delays and escalating costs in its flagship Waterfront regeneration project.

Cohesion or conflict

Image of Ann Webb in front of poster
19 Feb 2015

Frances Williams says it’s time to drop the false optimism surrounding arts projects in areas of social deprivation and take a more critical view. 

Regeneration focus for new funding

Photo taken outside Swansea train station
19 Dec 2014

Arts projects will be integral to a series of initiatives involving local communities and aiming to improve quality of life in Wales.

A slow but sure strategy

Image of Warwick Bar fete poster
01 Dec 2014

Sue Ball explains why she believes that ‘slow architecture’ is the most effective way to create a sustainable future for depressed industrial sites.

The art of regeneration

Image of baby sock
12 Nov 2014

Regeneration is about regional partnerships striking the right balance between artistic excellence and community engagement, believes Nick Ewbank.

Busy buildings

Image of Cast, Doncaster
12 Nov 2014

Barry Pritchard says that new arts buildings must be inclusive, exciting and adaptable if they are to widen engagement and genuinely regenerate a town or city centre.

A brave new town

Image of RPO at Big Summer Night Out
10 Nov 2014

Made in Corby, a consortium of community groups and venues, is making radical and brave efforts to engage communities in the arts, says Simon Mutsaars.

Ingredients for change

Image of people in wheel
10 Nov 2014

Stoke-on-Trent has used big outdoor arts events as a main ingredient in its recipe for change. Karl Greenwood explains how.

Happiness or art?

Image of red staging
30 Jun 2014

The Cultural Value Project examines the value of the arts and culture rather than just its outcomes – and its negative effects. Patrycja Kaszynska introduces the project.

From docks to landmark destination

Image of Salford
12 Mar 2014

Cultural investment in Salford’s regeneration may have created The Lowry, but its impact comes from a distinctive, entrepreneurial financial model, says Julia Fawcett.

Much more than a name change

Image of Peckham Peace Wall
03 Feb 2014

With its new name and status as an independent charity, Peckham Platform is a very different organisation, according to Emily Druiff.

How the other Stratford lives

Image of University Square Stratford
23 Jan 2014

Liz Pearson is certain that partnerships between educational and public cultural bodies are maintaining the momentum behind Stratford’s cultural regeneration.

Tight times

Image of street festival
09 Sep 2013

Arts Development UK’s latest survey on arts spending in local authorities in England and Wales reveals a "dramatic and changing picture". Pete Bryan and Judy Hughes set out their findings.

Turning the Tide

11 Jun 2012

Alastair Fairley reveals how a community of artists and a hard-nosed drive for publicity put Hastings firmly on the cultural map

A stake in Deptford

11 Jun 2012

Gavin Barlow discusses cultural regeneration, the social divide and how the Albany is helping Deptford to avoid becoming ‘so-hip-it-hurts’

Collective voice and collective will

16 Jan 2012

Richard Nutter explains how a consortium of Liverpool’s major cultural organisations has developed a comprehensive strategic approach that places the arts and culture at the heart of the city’s social agendas

Grassroots regeneration

16 Jan 2012

Helga Henry explains how a sensitive approach achieved great results for the Place, Space and Identity project


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