New support for Scottish writing

Photo of a girl writing
28 Aug 2015

Following a review of the literature and publishing sector, Creative Scotland is supporting new schemes to promote Scottish writers internationally and to develop young writers.

Thriving in an unequal world

Photo of volunteers at Poet in the City
09 Jul 2015

Being a young, female leader in the arts is a novelty - one Isobel Colchester has come to realise she must explore and celebrate, if she is to help challenge gender inequalities.

The arts effect

Photo of young people dancing
18 Jun 2015

Do arts projects in schools boost pupils’ health and wellbeing? Ros McLellan finds the current evidence positive, but says more persuasive research is needed.

Children’s literature centre gets funding go-ahead

Photo of a Peter Pan statue in a window
03 Oct 2014

Restoration of the house and garden that inspired ‘Peter Pan’ will provide a new home for children’s literature in Scotland.

A very grand departure

Image of True Grit Digital Poetry
06 May 2014

Pat Cochrane describes how Cape UK has produced educational resources for the Yorkshire Festival, part of the Tour de France’s Grand Départ.

ACE impact report in the firing line

A Photo of elderly people taking part in a music workshop
04 Apr 2014

A withering letter signed by senior academics raises serious concerns about the recent ACE review of the impact of the arts and the lack of scholarship and consultation with researchers in the field. 

Writing a different script

Image of recruitment sessions
06 Mar 2014

As the Writing Squad recruits its seventh group of talented young authors, Danny Broderick and Steve Dearden explain how their formula breaks down the barriers to writer development.

Writing in a hidden world

Image of writers in a workshop
19 Feb 2014

Lucas Stewart reports on the difficulties involved in ‘Hidden Words, Hidden Worlds’, a British Council project in Burma seeking to develop ethnic minority language literature.

More Shakespeare for schools

Will Featherstone on stage as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, part of Globe Education's 'Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank'
08 Aug 2013

Globe Education will extend its free schools ticket scheme as Deutsche Bank commits to a further three years’ support.

A funding fog

Image of poetry workshop
11 Apr 2013

Kate Massey-Chase discusses the impact of personal budgets on participants at CoolTan Arts.

Freedom writers

Image of book stalls at literary festival
11 Apr 2013

Cila Warncke discusses the role of literature in promoting democracy and social change in a country like Myanmar.

Digital start-up

23 Jul 2012

Katy Carr sees an online future for literature

The new publishing

25 Jul 2011

Writing courses are helping new writers to forge connections and networks that live on after graduation, writes Sam Kinchin-Smith

Art as reconciliation

23 May 2011

Ayla Lepine looks at how an organisation working with bereaved Israelis and Palestinians is hoping to promote reconciliation through art

Rhymes and reasons

01 Nov 2010

Poetic justice? Eleanor Turney reports on the future of contemporary poetry


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