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Writer on visual arts and cultural policy

Dany writes reviews, criticism and features about the visual arts and cultural policy, and is a regular contributor to The Guardian, New Statesman and a-n Art News among other publications. Her first book - The Interpretation Matters Handbook - explores the writing produced by galleries for public information and is published in April 2015 by Black Dog. She also works with small arts organisations and local authorities on projects that have a strategic impact for them, undertaking research and business planning, as well as management and board facilitation. Several of Dany's research papers have been published, most notably, “A Fair Share” (2012) and “Ladders for Development” (2011). In 2013 she initiated and now runs the Interpretation Matters project supported by Arts Council England (ACE). Prior to becoming a freelance arts professional and writer in 2010, she worked for ACE in the South East as a relationship manager, and before this she was Creative Industries Manager for Brighton and Hove City Council.

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