Soak up the world around you and find time for the things that matter, advises Marketing Manager Monique Baptiste-Brown.

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#IfIwere22: I’d explore the world around me… and have fun!

Working in the arts and culture industry is about exploring the world we inhabit. So, soak up the world around you: spend time travelling and meeting different people to diversify your perspective. Take the opportunity to enjoy your field of work and become inspired by others. Immersing yourself in these experiences will broaden your own thinking.

#IfIwere22: I’d learn the rules but not be afraid to break them

Never underestimate your own thinking. In the early stages of your career you spend time learning the ‘rule book’ and how to do things the ‘right way’ – which is important. However, it is equally important to tap into the psychology behind audience motivations. To do so, we need to constantly question and challenge the status quo. There is always room for fresh ideas and perspectives.

#IfIwere22: I’d master my talents

Spend time mastering your talents and invest in your area of expertise. Tune into what you enjoy doing and develop those skills, even if this means asking questions about other areas of work and how this relates to your work. Some of the best ideas I found came from random places, like hanging out in the rehearsal room or in the literary office. Understanding the big picture and how your work fits in will become invaluable.

#IfIwere22: I’d be open and build my network

Your network will become one of the most valuable assets in building your career. Take opportunities to meet people both inside and outside the arts sector. Expanding your network enables you to have reach across cultural platforms, diverse audiences, and to make innovative connections.

#IfIwere22: I’d find the time for things that matter

My biggest challenge has been finding a balance between the things I’ve always wanted to do and work commitments. Even though I enjoy my work, it is equally important to invest in yourself. So don’t forget those crazy childhood dreams of becoming an Olympian, which could inspire you to run a half marathon, or of picking up the sketch pad and losing yourself in a drawing.

Monique Baptiste-Brown is Marketing Manager at Black Cultural Archives and a London representative for the Arts Marketing Association.
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Photo of Monique Baptiste-Brown