If Lucia Masundire were 22 again and looking to further her career, she’d become a trustee and consider running off to join the circus.

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If I were 22: I’d go to as many events as possible

Every event is a networking opportunity. You never know who you might meet and how you might work together in the future. Collaborations, job opportunities, commissions and simply people who are just interesting to know can come from attending a random event. Sign up to as many mailing lists as possible and get out there – the free drinks and nibbles don’t hurt either.

If I were 22: I’d explore becoming a trustee

I’ve really enjoyed being a trustee and I wish I explored becoming one a lot earlier. Being on a board has not only broadened my networks but has given me insight into how arts organisations are run from a very high level, as well as helping me to develop my strategic thinking. Many arts organisations have an active commitment to getting young people on to their boards and help feed into their strategic direction. If there is an organisation you’re interested in, have a look at their website or get in touch with the Chair or CEO.

If I were 22: I’d learn to say no

As much as I’d recommend taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible, I would also say that it is OK to say no. Sometimes it feels as if you should say yes to everything that comes your way because you never know what might come of it – it might be good for your career and you never know who you might meet. But be sure to make some time for yourself. And if you’re unsure if an opportunity is going to be the right fit, try and find out some more information about what it involves.

If I were 22: I’d take advantage of my age

So many venues run offers for 16 to 25 year olds with discounted tickets to exhibitions and performances. I can’t even remember if my local venues offered this when I was 22, which proves I never took full advantage. Just think of all the great shows I missed out on because I was broke.

If I were 22: I’d run off to join the circus

I’ve only recently discovered aerial arts and regularly enjoy hanging upside down in a hoop or suspended in silks. I wish I started earlier and got out to see more circus performances – who knows where I would’ve ended up.

Lucia Masundire is a Policy and Projects Officer in the Culture and Creative Industries team at the GLA and is a trustee of Arts Development: UK and Leicester Print Workshop.
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Photo of Lucia Masundire