Issue 338: Arts and Mental Health

  • Arts and Mental Health

    Emma Janye Park leaning on a window
    06 Oct 2020

    An ongoing and unspoken sense of crisis has driven those working in the performing arts to accept an intolerable range of behaviours as the norm. Emma Jayne Park questions the underlying structures supporting a system that requires endless resilience simply to survive.

    Presently in the arts, and likely in other areas of our productivity obsessed society, the misrepresentation of resilience is being weaponised against the most vulnerable. Disturbingly, it feels like this focus on developing resilience is born of well-meaning intentions which makes it almost impossible to challenge in a society that regularly confuses politeness with care.

    The current system

    Resilience is undoubtably an important tool for maintaining mental wellbeing. However, when... more


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