My Gurus - Kate Wareham

07 May 2015

The new Executive Director of the National Orchestra for All, Kate Wareham, names those who inspire her work.

The burden of proof

Photo of a child with paint on his face
30 Apr 2015

In true Bertrand Russell style, Chrissie Tiller suggests that we turn the burden of proof on its head – and prove that the arts and culture are of no value to anyone.

Who are the commissioners?

Photo of people in meeting
30 Apr 2015

Linden Rowley explores who the commissioners of public services are, where to find them and how arts and cultural organisations can best talk to them.

Welsh programme to develop new theatre for children

Photo of a man under a rug
28 Apr 2015

A £300k pilot programme aims to encourage artists and companies to create theatrical experiences for families and young people for the first time.

Partnership project to improve cultural education in London

Photo of a girl standing in front of a graffiti wall
24 Apr 2015

Almost £1m is being directed towards partnership initiatives that will generate new sources of funding linked to improved cultural education outcomes for young people.

Job Ladder - Alice McGrath

Photo of Alice McGrath
22 Apr 2015

Joint Executive Producer of Scottish Dance Theatre, Alice McGrath, looks back at her career to date.

Creative learning opportunities

Image of young people in meeting
09 Apr 2015

Through Tate's Circuit programme, galleries across the country are illuminating the voices of young people and delivering significant cognitive, social and emotional benefits, says Mark Miller.

No clear and simple answers

Photo of young people in Baltic Square
09 Apr 2015

Creating a network of ambassadors to promote culture and creativity in schools in the north east of England has been a bigger and more complex job than Ednie Wilson first anticipated.

Much more than drama appreciation

Image of theatre in education session
25 Mar 2015

Theatre in education has seen many changes since it was first conceived in Coventry fifty years ago. Justine Themen tracks its history from the original aim to develop drama appreciation in schools.

My Gurus

19 Mar 2015

Carien Meijer, Chief Executive of Drake Music, pays tribute to those who inspire her.

Birmingham’s babes

Image of workshop with young children
19 Mar 2015

REP’s Children, a project offering free theatre tickets for babies and their families for ten years, was so successful first time round that it had to be repeated, says Steve Ball.

Inspired through school

Image of children singing on railway platform
18 Mar 2015

Matt Baker explains how young people in the Chester area are being encouraged to get involved with theatre, dance and music, through a programme working closely with schools.

New critics on the block

Image of group of young critics
17 Mar 2015

A new strand to Theatre Royal Winchester’s learning and participation work sees young people developing their skills as theatre critics, says Carl Woodward.

Knocking down the barriers

Image of young men dancing
12 Mar 2015

The Scottish Government’s youth arts strategy aims to increase engagement in the arts as well as tackle inequality. Fiona Hyslop outlines how it has evolved.

Young perceptions

Image of performance of The Magic Paintbrush
12 Mar 2015

Recent research looked into the value young people in a deprived area of London place on education and participation in the arts. Catherine McNamara discusses the findings.

Young concert producers

Image of performers at Youth Takeover concert
12 Mar 2015

Orchestras Live invited a group of 16-22 year olds to produce a concert with the City of London Sinfonia. Jan Ford was impressed by their creativity, imagination and enthusiasm.

A passion for dance

Imgae of jumping ambassadors
12 Mar 2015

Youth Dance England’s Ambassador programme offers young people the chance to satisfy their passion for dance as well as develop valuable career skills, says Claire Somerville.

Throwing out the rulebook

Image of actors and audience
12 Mar 2015

Toby Ealden tells how he has thrown out the theatrical rulebook to physically immerse audiences in a teenage house party.

Social investment fund backs the arts

Photo of a youth circus performance
11 Mar 2015

A new team of investors is offering unsecured loan finance to arts organisations who can demonstrate social, artistic and financial returns.

Creative learning in Wales

Image of children creating village scene in the classroom
05 Mar 2015

Nick Capaldi explains the new partnership between the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales which puts arts and creativity at the heart of the school curriculum.


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