Issue 348: Cultural Governance: fit for purpose?

  • Cultural Governance: fit for purpose?

    13 Oct 2021

    Our sector is supported by trustees and directors who, through their passion and skills, have stepped up to support organisations when the need has been greatest. But, as Jonathan Mayes argues, our boards could do better.

    “The world is turned upside-down” – a line from the musical Hamilton, as true in the early 21st century as it was in the late 18th century.  We all recognise the speed of change brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, by social causes such as #BlackLivesMatter and #WeShallNotBeRemoved, by climate change. 

    Many boards have shown resilience and fortitude as they have had to meet more regularly, make decisions more quickly and adapt to new risks more rapidly. It has been hugely edifying... more

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