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I have been doing some analysis of the figures that the Mayor's office is quoting. I think you might find them interesting . See my blog at
ACE contacted AP on 30/01/2014 in connection with Article 19's feature entitled 'Dark Money' AP had flagged this article to our readers as a 'good read' using a verbatim section quoted from the piece, which included the statement that ACE had "pre-emptively decline[d] a Freedom of Information request for the data." A previous email exchange between AP and ACE had implied that ACE would decline the Freedom of Information request in question, but at that time it had not actually been declined (and indeed, the information was subsequently provided). When ACE asked us to change the words on our website, we told ACE: "In fact those were not our words, so to have them removed you need to contact the author at Article 19. We are simply quoting them. Until such time as you have resolved this with the author, we’ve taken that paragraph off our website." We were unaware that no such request was ever made of Article 19.
And my point, of course, is that for 'us', they are arts-related, but for 'them' (and I was one of 'them') they are just 'gigs' and 'cinema'. The reason the Dunlop ad was so successful at raising the company's profile was because it identified some things the public were very familiar with, and showed what life would be like without the company behind them. Surely there's a parallel here in the arts...
Thanks for this comment - it's always difficult to know how far to edit a 'techie' piece. Some readers will find it a bit difficult to grasp all the detail in John's article (and I include myself in that!) but other readers work with their organisations' websites all the time and would find it condescending if we were to interpret it for less techie readers. It's a fine judgement call - maybe we misjudged this one. Hopefully everyone got the general gist - which I thought was very thought-provoking.
A major problem with developing new online services is the costs involved, so ACE's funding scheme is great opportunity for organisations to put a toe in the water