Red61's VIA ticketing and CRM platform is designed to effortlessly manage high volume ticket sales for festivals, venues, agencies and multi-site ticketing networks. It has been developed to cope with some of the highest pressure ticketing enviroments across the globe, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which sells upwards of 2.5 million tickets every year.

VIA's innovative structure enables arts and ticketing organisations of all shapes and sizes to easily sell tickets for each other across multiple live sales channels, including online and mobile.

VIA is renowned for maximising sales channels, extending organisations reach and improving the customer experience. Minimal system requirements, scalability and flexibility make VIA a powerful tool, opening up opportunities for arts and cultural organisations to improve efficiency and increase revenue in many situations.

Our team have vast industry experience of managing mission critical events and we understand that each cultural organisation is different in its needs and its approach. We give organisations choice; working with you to ensure you get the best fit from VIA for your organisation.

We also integrate with many 3rd party software platforms and we’re breaking down the constraints of the traditional box office with our new digital suite of products, empowering staff across your organisation, making real time and effeciency savings and ultimately helping you be more flexible, responsive and focused on your customers.

In fact, everything we do is focused on making your tickets more accessible, giving the customer the best experience possible, and helping you to sell more tickets, faster.

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