PatronBase is focused on providing organisations with a powerful, competitively priced and easy to use booking system to manage room bookings, ticket sales and CRM to the arts and leisure sector. 

We work closely with arts organisations across the world to provide a solution that has at its core in a single database which can standalone or can then connect appropriately to other applications to form a powerful linked information infrastructure to help you work more efficiently and achieve your business objectives.

The PatronBase system includes modules such as: 

  • Ticketing/Box Office
  • Venue Management
  • Donation management
  • Marketing
  • Reporting

Not to mention sub modules with regards to web base sales and web integration.

We are continuously developing the software and can work with you to design a system perfect for your business needs. 

In closing: PatronBase is mainly about working with you, fitting our software to meet your needs, to reflect your unique situation and creative vision. The ultimate measure of success for us is that you are able to build an audience your way.


Call: 029 2000 3490