Olivier specialises in hand drawn multicoloured art and also creates Stencil Graffiti arts. Some of the hand drawn work uses different styles for example pen dotting style or ‘tricking the eye’ art so people can spend time looking at the artwork rather than a quick 5 second glance. Olivier is constantly experimenting and finding new ideas and concepts. Much of his work is inspired by many influences taken from personal life experiences of being Deaf and also from travels to Europe, Kenya and India. He has commissioned artworks, designed and created fridge magnets, gift card, bookmarkers, keyrings, canvas, calendars, as well as printed posters for both private and commercial customers. Some of the artworks can be scanned and printed on to fabric canvas (Silk and Cotton) or digitally printed posters for cheaper price than original artwork, however Olivier mostly designs unique exclusive pieces, which can also be requested according to customer specification. Olivier's current major project, February 2016 to February 2017: Birmingham based Deaf Artist Olivier Jamin has announced that he has secured the opportunity to showcase his work at the new Grand Central Shopping Centre Birmingham and on blowUP media’s giant digital screen near the Bullring Shopping Centre. Olivier who is supported by “Grants for the Arts” through Arts Council England, is a Contemporary Artist who has been Deaf since birth and has had a long life passion for the arts. For more information, please view: www.ojart.net