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Art isn’t toilet roll; it doesn’t need marketing, it needs engagement.

Disconnected Bodies are leading arts marketing experts and audience engagement consultants, we support clients with the audience challenges they are facing through overarching advice and practical arts engagement or marketing planning support.

Our range of customisable solutions have been designed to meet the requirements of both independent artists and arts organisations of all sizes, through either the completion of full engagement/marketing documents or by supporting grant applicants with public engagement planning. 

​We seek not only to satisfy a client’s needs, aligning their work with ACE engagement objectives, but ultimately to widen, deepen, and democratize arts participation, enabling more people to access brilliant arts experiences.

Our accredited research into arts audiences has informed widespread accessibility
practice, with the launch of our Equality Advisory Board looking to facilitate the work of discriminated groups through wider, deeper and more democratized audience

Our Approach

We find audiences fascinating and feel successful audience engagement as an emotional response. Yet search listings of ‘arts marketing consultants’ and you’ll find a lack of understanding of this simple and important perspective. Still thinking in terms of marketing not engagement, many employ similar strategies and tactics for the arts as you would for smartphones or toilet roll.

Audience Pscyhology

Understanding the psychological make-up of an audience is essential in ensuring audience engagement moves past the limitations of arts marketing. Dissection of the psychological needs and preferences of the audience allows for appreciation of any personal, situational, cultural, institutional and historical factors that may be influencing an audience’s willingness to engage. 

​As the only audience engagement consultants that place such heavy emphasis on psychology over marketing, our approach is based upon significant past research into audience habits and preferences. By aligning psychographic considerations we can provide more relevant engagement guidance as to effectively reach and connect with your audience segment; informing the building of cultural experiences so the pubic receive maximum value from your work.

Our Expertise

  • Audience Development Advisor for Creative United
  • UK Ambassadors for the Artist Run Alliance
  • Previous work included MoMA
  • Accredited arts audience researchers
  • Audience engagement podcast hosts

Our Services

Audience Engagement Road Map

Providing medium to large organisations with arts marketing and audience engagement planning that formally organises the identification and exploration of intended audiences. The objective is to provide insight and guidance for those seeking to develop the audience engagement aspect of their work. 

The development of an AERM is a straightforward process that encourages a wider vision of participation, clarifies audience objectives and provides an actionable plan that takes the uncertainty out of audience engagement. 

A comprehensive AERM supports strategies for change with its completion being a clear indication of organisation’s health, encouraging artists whilst reassuring collaborators and funders by demonstrating commitment to access and inclusion. Alongside realistic revenue forecasts, an AERM can also support funding bids.

Audience Profiling

A structured overview document that provides you an accessible introduction to audience identification and planning. Designed to be user-friendly, the document is easily understood and is the ideal first step in ensuring a project reaches its intended audience. 

Audience profiling sets the foundation for effective implementation of engagement planning and allows for projects with limited resources, including staffing and budget, to achieve the audience reach and depth of experience they aspire to. 

Using our audience engagement expertise, knowledge of audience psychologies, and partnership with Arts Audience Insights CIC to call upon past research, we look to fill a skills gap in your team and/or work with you to address the challenges you may be facing in reaching audiences.

Audience Engagement Consultancy Clinic

A straightforward conversation that takes the uncertainy out of audience engagement and support you to identify, explore, understand or reach your intended audience.

We look to provide individualised advise on the audience participation issues you're facing as either an independent artist or arts organisation during COVID-19. 

Grant Support - Audience Participation Planning

Audience participation and public engagement documentation to support grant funding up to £100,000.

ACE state that all Project and Culture Recovery grant applications must be supported by ‘strong audience development, marketing or communications planning’.

Fully realised audience participation documents, to support an application, work to demonstrate strength and vision; encouraging and reassuring the funder. By clearly demonstrating your commitment to audience engagement planning alongside realistic access and inclusion forecasts; these documents include planning to fulfil the requirements of ACE Goal 2 and Equality Objectives. 

Grant Support - Artist Grant Support Clinic

A personalised conversation that clarifies the grant application process and provides actionable advice to take the uncertainty out of arts funding for independent artists.

Communicate your deservingness through artistic vision and demonstrate how your application will fulfil the goals of Arts Council England and benefit the public at some point in the future.

Grant Support - Public Engagement Strengthening - For rejected Project Grant applications.

Section re-write and supporting documentation to strengthen project grant applications that have been rejected due to public engagement sections being 'comparatively weaker'.

From our experience many applications are being rejected due to public engagement sections being comparatively weaker. In order to address this weaker link and allow for the application to be re-submitted in a stronger position we've developed our Public Engagement Strengthening offer.

Designed as a hassle free option, you're provided with a full supporting document outlining those audiences you wish to reach, how you'll go about doing this, the value they'll receive from your work and the experience you intend for them to have. 

In addition, we offer a full re-write of the public engagement section of your application, written in such a way that overcomes the challenge of conveying a project's public value within the tight character limit. Both the re-write and supporting document clearly address ACE's feedback and their wider audience engagement targets.

Pablo Colella
Lead Practitioner
Email: office@disconnectedbodies.co

Visit: www.disconnectedbodies.co