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Hi Mike, you can find out more on the PHF website, here:
Hi Lady P. Yes, you're right. As the fourth paragraph describes, a case of sexual harassment is generally judged on the perception of the individual who has been harassed. We've updated the first paragraph to reflect this.
Thanks for spotting this, Aziza - we have made the correction.
Thanks for this really interesting article Michelle - I think it's a very pertinent issue in the arts and one that is not talked about enough. There's an incredibly high turnover of staff in arts organisations and I'm sure it's partly down to a failure to do the things you are discussing.
Thanks for an insightful piece Leo! This is a really interesting exercise to undertake. It occurs to me that the arts must contain a rather higher-than-average proportion of 'super engagers' than the general population. We could probably learn a lot about this important group - and how to communicate with them - just by looking at our own habits and preferences.
I'd be interested to read an assessment of the engagement the volunteers generated on social media. People talk about the dangers of underestimating the skills required to use social media effectively for marketing and engagement, and of just handing it over to the intern because they are young and 'get it'. On the other hand, I think I've seen some of the most effective social media posts coming from volunteers - they are often so enthusiastic about an organisation, an unconcerned with 'marketing', this can come across in a very genuine way.
A thought provoking article, thanks Hannah! A tendency to emphasise challenges overcome rather than failures certainly sounds familiar! I feel like this is talked about fairly frequently in the sector, but you’re right – until the funding and support structures change, we can’t expect this tendency to change. Also an interesting point re the need to develop structures that support learning and a bit of breathing space from the focus on achieving artistic excellence. There are a few funding streams supporting these areas. The Digital R&D fund comes to mind, but it has now sadly been discontinued.
I haven't seen any figures relating to this, but if people do tend to enter the field from dance then I imagine it would. It's difficult to get a full picture of what's going on and why from a simple survey such as Taking Part though.
No, no reason. Simply a stock photo that we thought was a strong image and one that conveys the intensity of great musicianship. We certainly don't mean to imply that this musician suffers from mental health problems.