Rage, love and a funeral procession: Cardiff's arts communuity protested against local arts cuts this weekend. These are the photos.

Photo of a woman shouting

By all accounts, Saturday 6 February was a gloomy, overcast day in Cardiff. The threat of a £700k cut to the city’s art budget loomed over the Welsh capital as councillors proposed a "rationalisation" of services. But at least 400 protestors took to the streets to challenge what they saw as a risk to “the future of the city”.

A suitably bleak shot was taken by photographer Craig Kirkwood:

Photographer Dan Green caught the playful resilience of the protesters - in a funeral procession for art:

And lots of raw enthusiasm and placards:

Film maker Peter Telfer made this video:

The campaign organisers explained their position: “Many of the arts organisations and venues that Cardiff Council are proposing to cut are working with some of the most vulnerable residents in Cardiff to improve their quality of life.

“The right to culture is a basic human right. We want Cardiff Council to ensure that Cardiff is the Capital City Wales deserves and needs, and that culture remains alive and vibrant in the city.”

Twitter was abuzz:

A council spokesman said: “Most of the budget cuts related to the arts are about delivering an alternative delivery model for St David's Hall and the New Theatre which are heavily subsidised by the council. Rather than closing these buildings, we are working to explore new ways to manage them. With the arts sector, we will continue to work with the Welsh government and our external partners to promote and celebrate Cardiff as a great place for the arts.”

A final decision about whether or not the cuts will go ahead will be made at a full council meeting on February 25.