LGBT organisation has complaint to ACE upheld and wins NPO funding

Homotopia, the only lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender combined arts organisation in the north of England, has been awarded three years of funding, following a successful complaint to Arts Council England (ACE). The Liverpool-based organisation applied to become a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) earlier this year, and, along with more than 600 others, was unsuccessful. Organisations that were not satisfied with the assessment procedure had until 13 May to make a formal complaint, following the introduction of a specific, published complaints procedure. In total, ACE received 28 complaints, three of which were upheld and the assessment process was retaken. Homotopia, which was initially judged to be ineligible, was the only one of these three to have the original decision overturned and become a NPO. It will receive £70,000 per year over the three-year period 2012-15.