Photo of someone hanging a photo
04 Jan 2016 Career guide

What’s it really like to work as a curator? Bluecoat’s Adam Smythe shares his story and advice for those considering a career in curating.

Photo of a Lego man performing Hamlet
23 Dec 2015 Feature

Tim Johanson takes a break from producing theatre shows in London and New York to share his top tips for producing a hit play. 

Photo of Briana Pegado
23 Dec 2015 Arts People

The brains behind Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, Briana Pegado, takes us on a tour of her working life.

Photo of Alya Marquardt
22 Dec 2015 Arts People

Label boss Alya Marquardt reveals why she would persist with challenging music and learn to be happy in her own skin if she were at the start of her career once again.

Photo of a printmaker at work
16 Dec 2015 Feature

At the start of their careers, artists need more than just brilliant ideas - they need to develop skills that will enable them to shape and sustain their practice. Ann Drew explains how applying for an enterprise award can help them achieve this.

crown fine art moving art
11 Dec 2015 Feature

When you look at a painting in a gallery, do you ever wonder how it got there? David Gosling explains how to stay cool and focused whilst moving priceless pieces of art.

David Jubb and Tobi Kyeremateng
11 Dec 2015 Arts People

Battersea Arts Centre’s Artistic Director David Jubb offers advice to those just starting their careers, whilst his colleague Tobi Kyeremateng shares tips that she has recently put into practice.

Front of house woman peeping
09 Dec 2015 Career guide

What’s it like working front of house? And how much can you expect to earn? Zoe Hardie answers your most common questions.

Photo of Steve Harper
08 Dec 2015 Arts People

Ever wondered what a Literary Manager actually does? Steve Harper, of Theatre503, gives us a visual tour of his working week.

Photo of Paula Rabbit
03 Dec 2015 Arts People

From a receptionist in Glasgow to Communications Manager at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre, Paula Rabbitt tells us about her career.

Photo of Ben Goodman
30 Nov 2015 Arts People

Five days, five photos. What does a week with a print-making, book-binding artist like Ben Goodman look like?

Photo of a 'no theft' sign
30 Nov 2015 Feature

How do you stop art crime when it is the most lucrative criminal sub-sector after guns and drugs? Jeanna Heeraman has a few tips.

Photo of Kully Thiarai
27 Nov 2015 Arts People

Kully Thiarai reveals why remembering to be scared and learning to bake have driven her through her career and to her latest role, Director of Cast in Doncaster.

Photo of people laughing
26 Nov 2015 Arts People

They raise the money organisations need to make great art, but who are they really? And what drives them to do what they do? Amanda Rigali meets three Arts Fundraising Fellows to find out.

Photo of apprentice and mentor
18 Nov 2015 Feature

The creative sector is growing, so where are the jobs? Pauline Tambling squares up to the challenges facing young people and arts organisations. 

Photo of a person flyering
16 Nov 2015 Career guide

What’s it like to work in arts marketing? And how do you get started? Sara Lock shares her journey and advice for those considering a career in the sector.

Photo of Jane Beese
16 Nov 2015 Arts People

Jane Beese has the enviable job of Head of Music at the Roundhouse. She tells us how she got it. 

Photo of a bloggers' event
13 Nov 2015 Feature

How do you market exhibitions to audiences with competing preferences? Hannah Carroll shares her top tips.

Photo of Ian Nicholson
09 Nov 2015 Arts People

Portsmouth boy turned director Ian Nicholson trained at CSSD, NT Studio and Ecole Philippe Gaulier in clown – but what would he tell himself if he could do it all again?

Photo of Bethany Houldsworth
02 Nov 2015 Feature

Bethany Houldsworth reveals how she’s learned a lot as a Creative Apprentice for Lancashire County Council – not least about herself.