Photo of Aindrea Emelife
29 Feb 2016 Arts People

Light art in former porn shops and harrowing exhibitions about Yugoslavia’s ‘golden years’: all in week’s work for art critic and presenter Aindrea Emelife.

Photo of a full motion screen in Birmingham with Olivier's artwork on
29 Feb 2016 Feature

Submitting a grant application can be a difficult and confusing process. Deaf artist Olivier Jamin shares his tips for disabled applicants.

Photo of Rob Bowman
25 Feb 2016 Arts People

From MoMA Oxford and ICA to Artangel and Arnolfini – Rob Bowman tells us about his career presenting extraordinary art. 

Photo of Jimmy Jewell
23 Feb 2016 Arts People

The composer and producer Jimmy Jewell, who has performed on stages all around the world, offers a clear message to 22 year olds: only you can grab hold of your own future.

Photo of a man playing a guitar
15 Feb 2016 Feature

Virtual violins and computer-based guitars need more than just the right sounds if they’re to work for deaf musicians. Richard Burn describes his research into accessible virtual instruments.

Photo of Eleanor Lang
15 Feb 2016 Arts People

Eleanor Lang tells us about the twists and turns that have led her to become the new Executive Director of Cheek by Jowl.

Photo of Emma Donald
15 Feb 2016 Arts People

Do freelance musicians get the weekend off? And how many trains do they actually have to take? Emma Donald takes us on a visual tour of her working week. 

Photo of a woman shouting
12 Feb 2016 News

Rage, love and a funeral procession: Cardiff's arts communuity protested against local arts cuts this weekend. These are the photos.

Photo of Sara Houston
08 Feb 2016 Arts People

Pop your artform bubble and stay in touch with your peers: dance academic Dr Sara Houston gives advice to her younger self.

Percussion Ensemble
05 Feb 2016 News

Coldplay on the drum kit, Beethoven on the Timpani - the Love Music Trust Percussion Ensemble played for an arm-wrenching 12 hours straight to fundraise for an original commission.

Photo of Caroline Miller
04 Feb 2016 Arts People

The winner of the top honour at last week’s Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards – Caroline Miller – reflects on the people who have inspired and guided her career.

Photo of Dusty Rhodes and his dog
29 Jan 2016 Arts People

Braving snow, ice and slipper-eating Sprocker Spaniels, filmmaker Dusty Rhodes shoots a photo a day to offer a peek into his working life.

Photo of directors in rehearsal
28 Jan 2016 Feature

Remember Dolly Parton’s work ethic and surround yourself with love: Bryony Shanahan – from the team behind ‘Bitch Boxer’ – shares her top tips for starting a theatre company.

People collaborating
28 Jan 2016 Career guide

What kind of person makes a good fundraiser? Amanda Rigali answers your questions and reveals why it’s never been a better time to enter the field. 

Sandy Nuttgens
27 Jan 2016 Arts People

Want to make it as a composer? Stop asking ‘why me’ and start asking ‘why not me’, advises Sandy Nuttgens.

Photo of audience at a Theatre Craft event
18 Jan 2016 Feature

Is there more to careers fairs than free keyrings and Haribo? Carl Woodward visits two arts-orientated events to find out. 

Photo of Jennifer Jackson
15 Jan 2016 Arts People

Meet as many people as you can, and put your self-esteem in your own hands, not the hands of others: advice from Jennifer Jackson for young professionals.

Photo of man reading
15 Jan 2016 Career guide

How much does an accountant earn in the arts sector, and how good do your maths skills really need to be? Mahmood Reza answers all in this comprehensive guide.

Photo of Karl Wallace
14 Jan 2016 Arts People

Director of Macclesfield’s Barnaby Festival, Karl Wallace, reflects on his career making big things happen.

Photo of a girl at a concert with headphones on
11 Jan 2016 Feature

Being disability-friendly isn’t just about physical accessibility. Alistair McDonald explains how Chase Park festival ensures it is inclusive and welcoming of everyone.