Allelouia Susan Miller
25 Apr 2016 Feature

For Susan Miller, an MA in Fine Art has been a real opportunity to confront the vulnerability artists feel when exhibiting their work in public spaces. 

Photo of Kate Simko
21 Apr 2016 Arts People

Chicago-raised electronic music producer Kate Simko says get out there while you're young, and don't be afraid to pull the plug on dead-end projects.

Photo of Liam Evans-Ford
21 Apr 2016 Arts People

Liam Evans-Ford reveals the people and companies that have inspired his work making brave and bold theatre. 

Flavia Circus
20 Apr 2016 Arts People

In some jobs, it’s normal for people to pour glitter over their heads and for babies to take over your desk. Flavia Fraser-Canon shows us a snapshot of her working week.

Gary Wood
11 Apr 2016 Arts People

What does a tech week in theatre look like? Gary Wood, appearing in The House of Inbetween at Theatre Royal Statford East, offers a peek into his.

Photo of Jack Candy Kemp painting
11 Apr 2016 Arts People

He dropped out of art school and ended up painting backdrops for Star Wars and Harry Potter. What advice does Jack Candy-Kemp have for budding scenic artists?

Photo of Liza Vallance
07 Apr 2016 Arts People

Studio 3 Arts’s Liza Vallance reveals who inspires her work at the forefront of socially engaged, co-created artistic practice.

Photo of Gayle Nelson
04 Apr 2016 Arts People

Just starting your career? Get out there – meet people and see things, says lecturer, curator and artist Gayle Nelson

Photo of barriers
01 Apr 2016 Feature

The arts needs to lose a sense of purity and develop a start up attitude, argues festival director Briana Pegado.

Photo of Bryan Savery
31 Mar 2016 Arts People

From Tamasha Theatre Company to the Free Word Centre, Bryan Savery traces the course of his career. 

Photo of Lucy Fox
24 Mar 2016 Arts People

Blue skies, biscuits and buses: all in a week’s work for Lucy Fox, Digital and Communications Coordinator at Candoco Dance Company

Photo of a performance
24 Mar 2016 Feature

Make full use of the senses – even those you don't have: Deafinitely Theatre’s Paula Garfield explains how to create theatre for deaf and hearing audiences.

Photo of Melanie Sharpe
24 Mar 2016 Arts People

As she joins Stagetext, Melanie Sharpe looks back on those who have inspired her career.

Artwork Terence Wilde
22 Mar 2016 Arts People

“When you gonna love you as much as I do?” Artist Terence Wilde offers some gentle guidance for himself at 22.

Richard Wilson
14 Mar 2016 Feature

What draws people to a craft that has remained unchanged since the 1800s?

Photo of Tara Finney
11 Mar 2016 Arts People

Independent theatre producer Tara Finney takes us along as she zips through the final weeks of a tour.

Photo of Errollyn Wallen at work
10 Mar 2016 Arts People

Run away with the circus, and if there is no doorway, make the door – advice from the composer and first black woman to have a piece performed at The BBC Proms, Errollyn Wallen.

Marketing for Clocks 1888: the greener of Keisha Atwell
08 Mar 2016 Feature

Young actress Keisha Atwell reflects on her career so far, calling for the same opportunities to be given to all BME performers. 

Production shot of The Birthday Party
08 Mar 2016 Feature

London Classic Theatre’s Michael Cabot shares his tips for those hoping to hit the road.

Photo of Rod Hebden
03 Mar 2016 Arts People

From engineering to managing cream teas at the National Trust and now fundraising for Cheltenham Festivals, Rod Hebden tells us about his career so far.