Photo of Jo Correa
17 Oct 2016 Feature

Could arts organisations be doing more to help young people at the start of their careers? Sam Jackman and Mary Olszewska feed back on a scheme aiming to do just that in Plymouth.

Photo of someone looking at a cactus
06 Oct 2016 Feature

How much attention should you pay to the food at an art fair? And can you ask how much the art costs? Oonagh Murphy offers strong pre-visit advice.

Photo of Giles Croft
06 Oct 2016 Arts People

As he prepares to leave Nottingham Playhouse, Giles Croft pays tribute to those who have guided and inspired his career. 

Photo of Chad Lawson
03 Oct 2016 Arts People

Chad Lawson’s music has been used on The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries. His advice for 22 year-olds? Never stop learning. Or baking cookies.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
03 Oct 2016 Feature

National Portfolio Organisations are thriving, despite 27% cuts in local authority funding. Christy Romer examines how.

Rehearsal photo
21 Sep 2016 Arts People

Born Mad give us a peek at the preparation for their week-long run at Ovalhouse in London.

Photo of Thomas Kemp workshop
16 Sep 2016 Feature

How do you market classical music to people who've never been to a concert? Thomas Kemp offers some practical advice for anyone looking to launch an arts festival.

Photo of young dancers
02 Sep 2016 Feature

Running a successful arts workshop is not easy, but remembering to be pragmatic and as collaborative as possible is key, says Nicky Goulder.

Photo of Kathryn Deane
01 Sep 2016 Arts People

As she prepares to retire, Sound Sense’s Kathryn Deane reflects on those that have – often unknowingly – inspired her work. 

Photo of paint covered coat in artist studio
30 Aug 2016 Feature

Do you know your rights? Abby Yolda answers some common questions about the copyright of artistic works and what to do if your work is used without your permission.

Photo of Laura-Jane Foley
28 Jul 2016 Feature

Enjoy your successes and brush away your losses, playwright and art historian Laura-Jane Foley tells 22 year olds.

Photo of Tree
25 Jul 2016 Arts People

From empty marquee to lush garden, sculpture artist Nadim Chaudry takes us through the installation of SWATCH.

Photo of community artwork about migration
20 Jul 2016 Feature

To make useful art, don’t dumb down, dumb up, says Alistair Hudson.

Photo of David Watson
20 Jul 2016 Arts People

From London 2012 to Hull 2017, digital specialist David Watson tells us about his career so far.

Photo of Neil Myers
19 Jul 2016 Arts People

Composer Neil Myers says keep practicing, keep listening, and keep going.

Foyer with art
19 Jul 2016 Feature

How did three young people who chose not to go to university end up running one of the most innovative cross-artform festivals in Cambridge? 

Photo of Rosie Wilby  and Amie Taylor
18 Jul 2016 Arts People

Comedian-turned-theatre maker Rosie Wilby talks radio and tennis as she prepares for her new show.

Painting of people pointing with arrows
06 Jul 2016 Feature

After two years observing leadership styles across the Ambassador Theatre Group, graduate trainees Rachel Lane and Jamie Budgett discuss their vision of a good leader.

Photo of Andrew Hurst
06 Jul 2016 Arts People

From psychology professors to international dance stars, the new Chief Executive of One Dance UK Andrew Hurst reflects on those who inspire him.

Photo of a cat riding a unicorn
05 Jul 2016 Feature

There’s a reason 19 million people have watched a video of Grumpy Cat, and arts organisations can learn a lot from it, says Oonagh Murphy.