Photo of Jeremy Spafford
30 Jun 2017 Feature

A career in the arts is rarely linear. But everything you do can help build confidence and skills, says Jeremy Spafford.

Photo of Sarah Punshon
29 Jun 2017 Arts People

From a member of Haymarket Theatre’s youth theatre to Artistic Director of The Dukes, Lancaster, Sarah Punshon reveals the details of her career so far. 

Photo of Jorge Lopes Ramos
23 Jun 2017 Arts People

Jorge Lopes Ramos and Persis Jade Maravala take us on a whirlwind tour of a week in their hectic, colourful lives at ZU-UK.

Photo of networking
22 Jun 2017 Feature

If you’re an introvert, don’t listen to advice telling you to change: you are awesome and you will succeed, advises David Taylor.

Photo of mac Birmingham
14 Jun 2017 Feature

mac Birmingham’s outreach programmes are creating meaningful dialogue between the arts centre and local communities, artists and cultural organisations. Daniel Fountain spoke to those involved to find out how.

Photo of participants on writing scheme
13 Jun 2017 Arts People

What does a week of juggling rehearsals, script writing and embarrassing writing trousers look like for Sarah Page?

Photo of Connie Treves rehearsing
09 Jun 2017 Feature

Make the most of your creativity and don't be afraid to contact people you admire, writes Connie Treves.

Photo of Gina Fletcher
01 Jun 2017 Arts People

Fundraising from trusts and foundations is a more sociable job than you might think. Development Manager Gina Fletcher takes us through the steps of her rewarding career.

Photo of Hannah Elsy
31 May 2017 Arts People

As she prepares for the opening of a rock musical in central London, producer Hannah Elsy shares a week in her busy working life. 

Photo of Simon Stephens
31 May 2017 Arts People

Don’t worry if you’re not doing what you love just yet, but stay open to opportunity and risk, advises the BRIT School’s Simon Stephens.

Photo of Jo Verrent presenting
25 May 2017 Arts People

Unlimited’s Jo Verrent reflects on who has inspired her passion for equality and diversity, and why she’ll be getting her first tattoo this year.

Two young boys look at artworks
23 May 2017 Feature

Don’t be afraid of fun, catch them early and remember that everyone loves LEGO – Michelle Lally shares her tips for engaging young people and families in the arts.

Photo of Patrick Collier
18 May 2017 Arts People

Producer Patrick Collier names the inspiring, perceptive and – occasionally – annoying people who have guided his working life.

Photo of Helen Wewiora
04 May 2017 Arts People

From FACT to Castelfield Gallery, Helen Wewiora takes us through the steps of her career in contemporary art. 

Ottilia Ördög
27 Apr 2017 Arts People

Ottilia Ördög goes back to her roots to name the inspirations in her life.

Loading in, Battersea Arts Centre
21 Apr 2017 Arts People

Loading in, rigging lights, festivals, then a Friday pint - all in a week's work for Mitch Hargreaves, Senior Technician at Battersea Arts Centre.

Two men sitting at a table
21 Apr 2017 Feature

What should people working in the arts do to support writers in their early years? Steve Dearden, co-founder of the The Writing Squad, offers his thoughts.

Photo of Avril Hitman with young girls
17 Apr 2017 Arts People

As she prepares to step down from the company she founded over 30 years ago, Avril Hitman reflects on her career at the forefront of inclusive dance.

Interior shot of gallery
10 Apr 2017 Feature

Eleni Duke found galleries intimidating, silent and unwelcoming, so she decided to open her own where everyone was welcome. She shares what she’s learned.

Photo of Deborah Sawyerr
06 Apr 2017 Arts People

Theatre Royal Stratford East’s new Executive Director, Deborah Sawyerr, reflects on those that inspire and support her.