Photo of Natasha Wood
22 Feb 2018 Arts People

Artistic Director of Théâtre Volière Natasha Wood describes how death ‘snapping at her heels’ propels her on. That and Davie Bowie, of course.

Photo of Mira Kaushik
15 Feb 2018 Arts People

Mira Kaushik reveals how an introduction to experimental Indian street theatre in the 1970s and conversations with a vagrant bohemian wanderer shaped her career.

Photo of Concorde
12 Feb 2018 Feature

Julie Bécaud, now a researcher at the Scottish Maritime Museum, explains her first steps into the arts in the UK.

Photo of Sean Gandini
09 Feb 2018 Arts People

A barefoot dancer and a 90-year-old juggler: Sean Gandini reveals the people who have shaped him and his career.

Photo of screen in library
05 Feb 2018 Feature

A £37m capital project is always going to be demanding, but throw in Grade-II listed status, asbestos and Roman remains and you’ve got a real challenge. Graham Lister explains how Storyhouse Chester managed it.

Production shot of performance
20 Dec 2017 Feature

When is it the right time to approach a council with your idea for an arts project? And what support can you expect to receive? Arts Development Officer Akua Obeng-Frimpong offers her wisdom.

Photo of one of the talks
20 Dec 2017 Feature

Ruth Bretherick explains how she overcame the challenges of programming events when an exhibition split across two arts venues: one in Edinburgh, and one in Dundee.

Photo of women wearing white acting in studio
14 Dec 2017 Feature

Working in prisons is some of the most challenging but rewarding work Dan Boyden does. He offers advice for artists and arts practitioners on getting started.

Two dancers on stage
27 Nov 2017 Arts People

Do you have any advice for Vicky Rodríguez-Altuna, who wants to take her successful flamenco show around the UK but is struggling to raise the necessary funding?

Photo of Pagoda Arts activity
27 Nov 2017 Arts People

Spooky spiders and flower drumming: Zi Lan Liao takes us through a week of half-term activities with the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra in Liverpool.

Photo of La Llorona
21 Nov 2017 Feature

Amy Zamarripa Solis’s first attempt at crowdfunding was not a success. She explains what went wrong and reveals how – after raising less than 50% of her target – she still managed to stage a successful fringe theatre production.

Photo of Holly Prest
18 Nov 2017 Arts People

From Manchester to Brazil and back again, Holly Prest, Artistic Director of carnival arts organisation Global Grooves, names those who have shaped and inspired her career.

Photo of thunderbirds
13 Nov 2017 Arts People

Paul Young receives guidance on partnerships and funding, in response to his question about opening a children’s TV museum as a social enterprise.

Photo of woven willow branches
13 Nov 2017 Arts People

Willow weaving and tintype photography workshops: Kalila Storey takes us through her week working on creative projects with communities in South Derbyshire for People Express.

Theo Solomon in Suzy Storck
13 Nov 2017 Feature

Communicating ideas clearly and maintaining artistic integrity can be difficult in any collaboration – let alone one that straddles language barriers. Ellen McDougall explains how the Gate Theatre overcame these challenges for its latest co-production.

Photo of volunteers sat on haybales
09 Nov 2017 Feature

Volunteering in the arts should be an enriching experience, says Cathryn Peach. She shares five tips for designing programmes that motivate, empower and inspire volunteers.

Sue Hoyle surrounded by people
02 Nov 2017 Arts People

After almost a decade guiding others at the Clore Leadership Programme, Sue Hoyle reflects on those that have influenced her career.

Photo of performance poetry
30 Oct 2017 Feature

When project funding slowed after the financial crash, Jaybird Live Literature was unable to put on the technically complex poetry shows it was known for. Julia Bird explains how it adapted its work to stay in business.

Photo of Stella Kanu
05 Oct 2017 Arts People

Stella Kanu of Ovalhouse reflects on the institutions, lofty ideals and ninja-like women who have shaped and guided her career. 

Photo of women looking at computer monitor
05 Oct 2017 Feature

It’s inevitable that you will get some bad reviews and customer complaints on social media, but how should you respond? David Burns offers his advice.