‘Trickle down diversity’ – the idea that the more BAME people working in senior positions in the creative industries, the more diverse they will become – is a seriously flawed concept that might actually do more harm than good, writes Marcus Ryder.

Do more black, Asian and minority Ethnic people (BAME) in executive positions in the media help or hinder the progress of BAME people in the industry?
The answer is a resounding; “Maybe - but at a great personal cost”
A few months ago I was having a lunch with a black person who had just been appointed to a very important position in one of Britain's major broadcasters. During our conversation the person told me; "I am going to do my best to promote black and Asian people whatever that means to my career."
And here is the dilemma. The black person clearly wanted to promote diversity but implicit in their statement is that they know their own personal career might suffer as a result... Keep reading on Black on White TV

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