Many of the key players in the Gulf's art ecosystem are women. Danna Lorch speaks to three female museum directors in the region to discuss cultural tourism, connecting with local communities and the limits of risk-taking.

It is no secret that the art ecosystem in the Gulf is dominated by women. Much more than figureheads, there are female royal patrons, experienced expatriates and homegrown professionals leading cornerstone institutions including Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation, 21,39 Jeddah Arts, Qatar Museums and Sharjah Art Foundation.
Western observers often delight in pondering why so many women are at the forefront of this scene, a relative newcomer to the global art world. “How is it possible that women’s voices can be heard so loudly in the Middle East?”, they ask, through thinly veiled Orientalism.
To the women themselves, gender is almost a non-issue...Keep reading on The Art Newspaper