Do you have any advice for Vicky Rodríguez-Altuna, who wants to take her successful flamenco show around the UK but is struggling to raise the necessary funding?

Two dancers on stage
Flamenco Productions' most recent show sold out in Eastbourne and Bournemouth

Jack Lynn

“We are an established Flamenco dance company specialising in performance and classes. Our newest show, fusing the traditional artform with jazz, sold-out to 195 people in Bournemouth and 350 people in Eastbourne. The feedback from audiences has been excellent.

We now want to tour the show around the UK, but we’re not sure how to get the necessary funding to support a tour. The recent performances were entirely self-financed. Venues we’ve contacted are risk-conscious and have told us they require a large proportion of the hire cost up-front, which makes booking a tour across many venues prohibitively expensive.

We’ve applied for local authority funding, and for under £15k through Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts scheme, but both applications were unsuccessful and it’s difficult to use the right sort of art-speak in our applications.

We know our ‘product’ is good and audiences like it. What should we do next?”

Vicky Rodríguez-Altuna
Flamenco Productions
Flamenco Dance Academy

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