Although around four out of five adults in Scotland take part in some form of arts or cultural activity, adult participation has fallen from 85% of the population in 1998 to 78%, according to a survey investigating attendance at, participation in and attitudes towards the arts in Scotland.
The survey also reveals that there is widespread support for central government support for arts and culture, and that the arts are effective at delivering personal, social and economic benefits. 76% of Scots were found to be aware of the work done by the Scottish Arts Council (SAC) and attitudes towards SAC-supported venues and events have improved since the last survey in 1998. 41% of those questioned agreed they would be well run (up from 26%), and 29% said they would be of high quality (up from 19%).These findings have emerged from an independent survey commissioned by SAC. Similar surveys have been conducted at regular intervals since 1991, enabling trends to be established and comparisons to be made. Copies of the survey are available at