The legal merger of the Arts Council of England (ACE) with the ten Regional Arts Boards took place on April 1.
The new body has nine regional offices, matching the Government?s regional boundaries, and a national office; though both the national and regional offices will continue to work under their existing Arts Council and Regional Arts Board names and in the same premises while further work is carried out on the structure and identity of the future organisation.ACE Chair Gerry Robinson will chair the new organisation supported by a 15-strong National Council, the membership of which will be announced by the Secretary of State in May. Once the National Council has been appointed, those members who are also serving as Chairs of the nine Regional Councils will take part in the recruitment of Regional Council members.The announcement of those members is expected to take place in late spring.The Executive Board of the new organisation will be made up of the Chief Executive, Peter Hewitt, the existing nine Regional Executive Directors, all former Chief Executives of the Regional Arts Boards, and the Executive Directors of the National Office.The senior management structure of the National Office will be developed over the coming few months. In the meantime, the current Arts Council Executive Directors will act as Interim Directors.