Now in its 28th year the ABTT Theatre Show welcomes a broad base of visitors seeking to find out how the latest in technology can add value to a venue and make it capable of meeting the demands of contemporary productions and statutory government guidelines. Roger Fox gives the details.
1314 June, Royal Horticultural Halls, London

Recognised for its friendly atmosphere, the ABTT Theatre Show promotes a dialogue between manufacturers and end users, and offers a particular welcome to theatre managers and administrators, as well as their technical staff. The Show is an ideal opportunity for managers, technicians, architects, consultants and facility managers alike to learn, appreciate and evaluate the potential of a future refurbishment, to find out the costs involved in upgrading critical aspects or to start planning a new build project. The understanding of new solutions by senior management is vital when they have to make informed decisions about purchases.

In the fast-moving digital world, advancements within theatre technology have reached a point where solutions are now not only affordable but also designed for non-technical users. And this technology can be adapted to augment any performance space at any scale, whether theatre, concert hall or multi-purpose venue. No longer is there a divide between large and small theatres, professional and academic drama the same technology embraces all facets of performance.

At the ABTT Theatre Show, over 100 exhibitors will showcase a spectrum of technical solutions for everyone involved with housing and presenting the performing arts. Visitors can experience the latest economic solutions in power flying and hoisting, now affordable by venues of any scale; see sophisticated operational track and drape systems that augment the multi-functionality of any space; be mesmerised by integrated video solutions that can add an extra dimension to any set design; and access the latest in lighting and lighting control systems. Complex and simple staging requirements are answered by a host of flexible, modular systems that are designed specifically to ensure multi-functionality. Are you planning to re-seat your auditorium? You will have the chance to see a wide range of fixed and movable seating systems from across Europe, which offer flexibility and choice in many styles and variations. And if you have an historic theatre requiring tender loving care, meet specialist suppliers of decorative plasterwork, period style seating and ironmongery.

As the main sponsors of The Theatres Trust Conference, Performing Theatres? (see opposite), The ABTT Theatre Show provides conference delegates with the opportunity to experience first hand the ideas and technologies that can realise users needs. The End-to-End Party will also encourage the Shows exhibitors to meet conference delegates. This epitomises what the ABTT Theatre Show is all about, encouraging dialogue between end users and manufacturers. It illustrates how through collaboration, technology can be best used to make theatres smart and intelligent, with health and safety, and access requirements in line with the demands of contemporary productions.

Roger Fox is Director of the ABTT Theatre Show. To book a free place at the Show,
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