Issue 335: Experiencing the arts

  • Experiencing the arts

    Stopgap Dance Company performing outside at the Watch This Space Festival, National Theatre
    17 Jun 2020

    Outdoor Arts producers and artists are experienced at turning the most unpromising setting into a performance space, and their back-catalogue of shows is tailored for the outdoor. Could they be the first to woo back audiences in a socially distanced world? Angus MacKechnie looks ahead.

    One of the main strengths of the Outdoor Arts sector is our ability to gather big crowds in public spaces – the antithesis of social distancing. Under normal circumstances, we avidly count the numbers lining the streets as a parade passes through a major city centre, or those watching a dance performance unfold on a seafront, or visiting a fire installation on a rural hillside, or taking part in a community event in a town square. Our intention is to attract attention… and audiences.

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