Opera isn't everyone's cup of tea - but that doesn't make it elitist, says Laure Meloy.

Here we go again. The BBC’s Get Creative campaign is stirring up the debate about the value of the arts. And the old attacks on ‘high’ culture as being elitist are alive and well, especially for my field, opera.

(OK. What I’m about to say might sound wrong, but here goes…)

Opera is not for everyone. That’s right. It’s not for everyone. I love it, lots of people love it (thank goodness or we wouldn’t have anyone to sing to) but it really isn’t for ‘all.’ Now, wait: I did NOT just say that opera is elitist, or exclusive, or too hard for the average joe or jane to understand…just that it’s not for EVERYONE... Keep reading on Scribblings of a mad soprano

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