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Post: Information Officer

Organisation: International Intelligence on Culture

Length of service: Joined in 1998

Address: 4 Baden Place, Crosby Row, London, SE1 1YW

Tel: 020 7403 6454/7001

Fax: 020 7403 2009

Email: enquiry@intelculture.org

What does your organisation do?
We provide policy intelligence, consultancy, research, information and training with an international dimension. We undertake research commissions, organise seminars on European funding, lobbying and networking, and provide information on fundings, cultural policies and contacts

What does your current job involve?
Running the enquiry service; providing answers to requests for information on funding sources, opportunities, contacts etc; research, writing articles and editorial for our journal, International Cultural Compass; working on research projects

Who did you used to work for and what did you do?
? Freelance founding editor of the British Performing Arts Yearbook, and editor of the Irish Performing Arts Yearbook, Festivals in Britain and Ireland, and Museums Yearbook
? Information & Research at the Arts Council of Great Britain
? Administration of a classical Indian music and dance company

What do you enjoy most about your present post?
Reassuring artists that their ambitions can be realised, though perhaps not as easily as they would like

What do you find most difficult in your present post?
Not having enough time to do all the research I could to help enquirers individually

What is your career ambition?
To complete the website I am designing (http://www.artsinfo.co.uk): a comprehensive resource about international performing arts

Who has influenced your career to date the most ? and why?
My late mother-in-law, Diana Morgan, who taught me tenacity, and Rod Fisher for his amazing knowledge

If you could have done any job in the world, what would you like to have done?
To have been an eminent archaeologist

If you have three wishes for the future of the arts, what would they be?
? Compulsory, non-exam oriented cultural awareness sessions in secondary school
? More funding, resources and development schemes for older artists
? More interaction between commercial and subsidised sectors