Photo of Manchester Collective filming in a derelict room in Hull
23 May 2019 Feature

Adam Szabo shares seven principles that have helped Manchester Collective attract younger audiences to its classical concerts.

In a 2017 report on audiences for classical music, The Audience Agency identified that between 2014 and 2016, just 7% of classical audiences nationally were aged under 31, while people under 25 comprised just 2% of the entire concert-going public. I can’t help feeling that there must be lots of young people not currently coming to concerts who would have a blast at classical shows.

Creating content for fans online is a great way to stay in touch, build loyalty and sell tickets

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Photo of Cultural Ambition Project in Wales 23 May 2019 Feature

Many entry-level roles in the arts are taken by overqualified graduates, but a project in Wales is opening up opportunities to those most suited to them, says Sarah Mair Hughes.

Photo of The Multiverse Arcade in the Mining Institute Newcastle 23 May 2019 Feature

What is it like to join Arts Council England's National Portfolio? Annie Rigby shares her stories of joy, relief and fatigue following her organisation's first year as an NPO.

A photo of an Open Arts performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream 23 May 2019 Feature

Last month, weekly arts group participants with sensory impairments, physical disabilities and mental illnesses came together to perform an adapted Shakespeare play in Belfast. Eileen Branagh explains the process of creative collaboration that allowed the cast to realise their ambitions.

Photo of EVIDENCE DANCE COMPANY in New Conversations featuring Annique Roberts, Courtney Paige, Ross Keon Thoulouis & Shayla Caldwell 15 May 2019 Feature

Culturally diverse work is becoming more prominent, but the infrastructure supporting BAME artists still needs to improve, argues Pawlet Brookes.

Photo of Liverpool Royal Court interior 15 May 2019 Feature

What can you do if your event is approaching but your marketing campaign isn’t achieving its desired effect? If you’ve got access to the right data, there’s always time to turn the tide, says Paul Fadden.

Photo of Young people, Protein Dance artists and teachers from Bishopton Pupil Referral Unit at ARC, Stockton-on-Tees 15 May 2019 Case study

A programme in Stockton-on-Tees has helped young people excluded from mainstream schools learn new skills, develop self-worth and show others what they can achieve, writes Rachele Rapisardi.

Photo of two Macbooks on a desk with notes on paper 15 May 2019 Feature

The government's ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative makes sense for HMRC, but it's also a chance for arts organisations to save time and money, says Mahmood Reza.

15 May 2019 Book review

Peter Campbell's sceptical critique of the 'creativity agenda' makes for fascinating - if at times uncomfortable - reading, says Andrew Garrad.

14 May 2019 Opinion

Artists, activists and cultural workers argue that trans activists' protests against arts programming are part of a legitimate struggle for equal rights.

Photo of a woman suspened on the side of a building, in a red dress, over a grey city landscape 09 May 2019 Feature

Having recently announced that South East Dance is to produce an all-female dance programme, Cath James discusses the complex issue of gender quotas.

Photo of two women, one is celebrating with here hand in the air in front of a macbook 09 May 2019 Feature

Christine Hamilton considers how much has changed since the publication of her report on women in the Scottish arts sector three years ago, and what still needs to be done.

Photo of Alex Morgan, captain of the United States women's soccer team, by Jamie Smed 09 May 2019 Feature

Why are many women in the arts not progressing into leadership roles? Alex Marshall asks if there are lessons to be learned from the world of sport.

Photo of a cast iron sculpture of a woman using a megaphone 09 May 2019 Feature

By opening up more realistic discussions around motherhood, Motherworks seeks to support those suffering unnecessarily. Ruth Dudman explains.

Photo of Richard Branson 02 May 2019 Feature

Great storytelling is about connecting emotionally with audiences and donors in a clear and succinct way, says Michelle Wright.

A photo of a queue of people outside Citizens Theatre, Glasgow 02 May 2019 Case study

There are queues around the block for a chance to nab the Citizens Theatre's 50p tickets – an offer that’s available for every production. It’s not just a way of diversifying audiences, it also brings to life the theatre’s history, and civic mission, says Dominic Hill.