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15 Nov 2018 Feature

Becoming London's first Borough of Culture next year is just the beginning of a fundamental change of approach for Waltham Forest, says Sam Hunt.

The competition for London’s first Borough of Culture was fiercely contested, with 22 of the capital’s local authorities submitting bids. It’s a concept that emerged from London’s mayor Sadiq Khan’s visit to Hull, UK City of Culture 2017, with the stated intention “to put culture at the heart of local communities, where it belongs. It will shine a light on the character and diversity of London’s boroughs and show culture is for everyone.”

Work will be genuinely co-created with the... more

Photo of dancers on a stage 15 Nov 2018 Case study

Pulling a community venue back from the brink needs vision, commitment and cost-effective solutions for tackling commercial challenges. The Royal Hippodrome Theatre has harnessed all three, writes Claire Boot.

Photo of a group of people looking at their phones 15 Nov 2018 Feature

Just providing entertainment is no longer enough to draw in audiences. But by focusing on what people value, arts organisations can maintain strong relationships with customers amid competing demands for their attention, writes Dave Wakeman.

Photo of Adrian Sutton 15 Nov 2018 Feature

Theatre and concert composer Adrian Sutton looks back on the trajectory of his career, from computer magazine reviews editor to becoming the musical brains behind the score for War Horse.

13 Nov 2018 Book review

James Doeser dissects the convictions underpinning Meyrick et al’s contempt for proliferating attempts to measure and quantify the value of the arts. 

Photo of a row of big buildings 08 Nov 2018 Feature

As arts and cultural organisations rise to the challenges facing the sector, some are adopting new and ground-breaking templates for their relationships with business. Patrick Towell surveys the changing landscape.

Photo of dancers rehearsing in large space 08 Nov 2018 Case study

Dance company Motionhouse’s partnership with a furniture manufacturer is as close as it gets – they work side by side. Louise Richards explains how the unusual collaboration developed.

Photo of tower of lamps, steel & umbrella 08 Nov 2018 Feature

Artists are using their creative insight to advise business on strategies and methods of production. Catherine Morel and Philippe Mairesse explain how.

Photo of exterior of Oxford Playhouse 08 Nov 2018 Case study

When Oxford Playhouse was asked if it could run acting technique workshops for John Lewis, the answer had to be a yes, says Louise Chantal.

Photo of two ballet dancers on scaffolding 08 Nov 2018 Feature

What motivates businesses to support the arts? David Watt explores the main reasons beyond 'doing the right thing'.

Photo of artist painting 01 Nov 2018 Feature

What would a no-deal Brexit mean for employment in the arts? Damon Culbert foresees widespread disruption and labour shortages unless immigration policies change.

A man and woman with laptop and coffee at a table 01 Nov 2018 Opinion

Independent artists and producers are vulnerable to exploitation in a two-tier system characterised by precarious employment among the majority of cultural workers says Martin Cox, who challenges the status quo.

Photo of green shoot and tree branch 01 Nov 2018 Feature

Resilience in the arts may be linked with finance - but for Debbie Richards, it’s really about making bold and exciting changes to realise big ambitions.

Photo of three people holding books 01 Nov 2018 Case study

In Wales, people living with dementia, and their carers, are being offered fiction as well as self-help books to help them manage the condition, explains Debbie Hicks.

Customers at a theatre pub 25 Oct 2018 Feature

How can you find out what your audience really thinks? Ron Evans recommends observing them using your very own spy network.

People sitting on a bench in the middle of an art gallery 25 Oct 2018 Feature

It is exciting to explore and own the biases that we impart to audiences, argues Bea Udeh.