performer speaks to children
22 Sep 2021 Feature

Without volunteering, many organisations in the cultural sector simply couldn’t operate. But it can also act as a route for people to move into paid work, writes Jane Ide.

Volunteering can be an invaluable source of labour, as well as a way to engage with those invested in their work. But are organisations doing enough to facilitate this, particularly as a way to support disadvantaged or underrepresented young people? And is the message getting through?

There are many reasons that can motivate someone to volunteer: social, altruistic or professional development. It can also be crucial, especially for disadvantaged or underrepresented young people, to... more

Creative Lives Everyday Creativity Montage 22 Sep 2021 Feature

Does your organisation’s name need too much explanation? Pauline Tambling reflects on the process of changing an established brand name and offers insight for arts organisations embarking on a similar journey.

22 Sep 2021 Feature

While anxiety about attending events remains high amongst disabled people, Anna Torregiani says the Covid online content boom has seen revolutionary opportunities that could improve access for good.

illustration of three people 22 Sep 2021 Feature

Power shapes our lives and our decision making 24 hours a day. What is it doing to you? Suzanne Alleyne investigates.

art consultation in a care home 22 Sep 2021 Feature

The importance of access to arts and creativity in care settings has become ever more apparent during the pandemic, writes Alison Teader.

16 Sep 2021 Opinion

In trying to diversify its company, English Touring Opera shot itself - and 14 freelancers - in the foot.

two women shaking hands 14 Sep 2021 Feature

As arts organisations struggle to fill critical roles, Amanda Parker shares must-dos - and must don’ts - for those hoping to recruit a talented, experienced and inclusive workforce. 

14 Sep 2021 Feature

If policymakers get it right for the cultural sector, there may be significant economic and social dividends to be won, argues Eliza Easton.

a border of hands reaching into the centre 14 Sep 2021 Feature

Philanthropy is sometimes described as a ‘privilege’ of the wealthiest. But, as Michelle Wright argues, research suggests that giving circles can provide a meaningful and empowering experience at all levels.

still from a dance production 14 Sep 2021 Feature

While collaboration between the cultural sector and universities has never been more fruitful, Suzie Leighton and Kayla Rose know there are still significant barriers to overcome. 

landscape image of Manchester's HOME venue 14 Sep 2021 Feature

A group of artists from Deaf, disabled and neurodiverse communities have been working on a project to transform accessibility. Nickie Miles-Wildin reports on its successes.

a sign with a logo of a person in a wheelchair, signalling access to a step free route 08 Sep 2021 Feature

The shift to digital has been beneficial to many, but Ash Mann is particularly interested in what it could mean for D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people.

an audience waiting for a show to start 08 Sep 2021 Feature

Lockdowns, venue closures, cancelled and postponed events – the era of Coronavirus has created an 18-month crevasse in our databases. Libby Papakyriacou has been assessing the role of historic data in the sector’s recovery.

exhibition and showcase 07 Sep 2021 Feature

Being disabled in the visual arts sector has presented galleries with serious challenges. But Mike Layward is optimistic about programmes which promote much needed change.

AH AW (OR) OO EE UR (UR) The Long Vowels, 2020 07 Sep 2021 Feature

Issues of access have beleaguered artists and audiences alike. Jamie Wyld explores how access streams can be used in innovative ways to enhance both artist and audience experience.

outdoor theatre production 07 Sep 2021 Feature

All cultural organisations are concerned with making their work more accessible. A new report by Maria Varvarigou on sensory and inclusive theatre for disabled children and young people provides a model for doing just that.