Photo of chart and doll on table
24 May 2018 Feature

What would you discover if you played the role of a new visitor to your venue? Lisa Baxter explains the value of customer journey mapping.

Did you ever as a child pop on your parent’s shoes and pretend to be them? I did and in the play that followed I found myself immersed in a very different reality to my own. Doing the shopping, cooking dinner, driving a car, all with a new-found sense of authority that accompanies the position of ‘adulthood’.

Little angels of possibility shine a powerful light on how you might design new experiences to engage visitors in a way that is delightful, engaging and meaningful

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Photo of two men in discussion in workshop 24 May 2018 Feature

When trustees and senior managers develop their fundraising skills alongside staff and volunteers, some key barriers to fundraising success can be overcome. Miranda Rowlands explains.

Photo of woman sitting on edge of a bath 24 May 2018 Case study

Five London venues have jointly hosted a one-woman show – and then pooled the box office takings. Kaya Stanley-Money explains how it worked.

Photo of light bulbs 24 May 2018 Feature

GDPR obligations go beyond direct marketing, so when it comes to managing commercial risk, what might you have missed, asks Debbie Richards.

Photo of sad looking clown statue 17 May 2018 Opinion

You may think Debbie Geraghty should be celebrating the current diversity debate, so why isn’t she?

Photo of marching band 17 May 2018 Feature

Do we know more about the worth of the arts than we did 30 years ago or have we been going in circles? Researcher Patrycja Kaszynska and consultant Ian David Moss discuss researching the value of culture in the UK and the US.

Photo of marquees on coast with blue sky 17 May 2018 Case study

Changing the role of the box office at Vancouver’s summer Shakespeare festival from an operational one to a marketing one resulted in an increase in ticket revenue, says Ethan Joseph.

Photo of musicians and singers on stage 17 May 2018 Feature

Has music become too pigeon-holed into distinct genres? Tony Haynes asks how we can truly promote cultural diversity when the opportunities for creativity are so restricted.

16 May 2018 Opinion

Stunting community and voluntary arts organisations by restricting access to capital funding will hurt the whole sector in the long term, warns Emma Harvey.

Photo of three people looking at ipad in supermarket 16 May 2018 Case study

Hull Truck Theatre’s pop-up box offices in local supermarkets sell tickets to new audiences and also create valuable community relationships. Magda Moses tells the story.