Photo of man and woman on dark stage
22 Feb 2018 Opinion

The arts sector has a duty to challenge social injustice and promote equality and diversity, but Wales is getting left behind, warns Abdul Shayek.

Over the past seven years I have had the privilege of getting to know Wales, working across the breadth and width of this beautiful country. I have been received warmly by the arts community and the general public and wanted to feel at home in this nation of amazing natural beauty.

However, issues around diversity across the arts and cultural sector at all levels became apparent early on. I would often arrive at shows in urban centres or rural settings and be the only person of colour... more

Photo of illumination on building 22 Feb 2018 Feature

The UK City of Culture competition brings great benefits – to the losers as well as the winners – but as more cities, towns and even villages express interest, Andrew Dixon asks if changes are needed.

Photo of dancers on stage 22 Feb 2018 Case study

A new model of digital distribution is giving rural communities the chance to see filmed performances of dance, opera and theatre at affordable prices. Denzil Monk explains how.

Photo of orchestra with narrator on stage 21 Feb 2018 Case study

When orchestra professionals Tamzin Aitken and Libby Papakyriacou decided to stage a fundraising concert to support the refugee crisis – outside of their normal day jobs – they were overwhelmed by the response. 

Production shot - swan lake 15 Feb 2018 Opinion

How much longer will the UK government support the arts? Andrew Pinnock fears all signs point to it adopting a much more commercial approach in the future.

Production shot - two actors with nets 15 Feb 2018 Opinion

Has panto become culturally inappropriate, racist even? Oh yes it has, calls out Daniel York.

15 Feb 2018 Opinion

Following revelations of elitism in music education, Principal of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Professor Jeffrey Sharkey, says it’s time to put the arts back in the heart of primary and secondary schools.

Photo of interior of shop 14 Feb 2018 Case study

Three years ago Bristol’s museum and gallery shops were running without a plan and losing money, but now they are on track to increase revenue by 60%. Zak Mensah tells the story.

Photo of two women looking at a diagram 12 Feb 2018 Case study

Artists deserve support to conduct research and development as much as any other valued professional. Lauren Healey explains how a scheme for emerging filmmakers is having a lasting impact.

Photo of arts event in a pub 08 Feb 2018 Feature

It’s not enough for urban arts companies to tour to rural areas - we need to support more rurally based organisations, argues Ralph Lister.