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Dance Base Scotland

Twenty years since we opened our purpose-built studios for Scotland’s National Centre for Dance and closer to thirty years since the organisation was founded, Dance Base is at a moment of generational change. After 27 years Morag Deyes MBE will be passing on the role of Artistic Director in September 2021 and will bid her final farewells after delivering our 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme.

This is a time of significant change. The COVID pandemic has brought into sharp focus many of the challenges that dance artists already face in Scotland and challenged us to respond to the new realities. Throughout the last year, we’ve responded by accessing significant new funding to support dance artists across the country and moving much of our activity online. With a new Chief Executive and Chair and some significant recent board and executive team appointments, we’re finalising a strategy for the future that’s ambitious and collaborative.

Our new Artistic Director is the lynchpin to deliver that strategy. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the right person (or people) to help lead Dance Base into the future, ensuring that Dance Base is supporting the talents and the needs of the diverse range of dance artists who choose (or will choose) to live and work in Scotland, and for making our country a place where dance fulfills its potential across society.

If Dance Base is a place for all dance artists to feel at home, then the Artistic Director is the host; ensuring the welcome is as broad as possible, providing a range of support and opportunities that are open to many as well as more tailored help for individuals at important points in their careers. You’ll draw on your own experience as an artist who has worked in dance or movement.

We’re advertising the role on a four-year term – we see this as the right period for a talented individual to build on what’s been achieved and bring their own artistic vision to the organisation, while ensuring that others can prepare to take the opportunity later. 

It’s a wide-ranging role with an ambitious job description and we’re committed to providing support for the successful candidate to develop over the four years in the role. We encourage anyone interested to submit an expression of interest, and we’ll offer as many people as possible a conversation with the Dance Base team to help them decide whether to submit a full application.  

The successful candidate(s) will need to cover five main areas of activity:

  1. Strategy and leadership
    You will work alongside Chief Executive Jim Hollington and the Board to set and implement the strategy for the organisation, in collaboration with Centre Director Isabel Moura Mendes and the Head of Dance for Health and Wellbeing Emili Åström
  2. Support for professional dance artists
    You’ll be directly responsible for the design and delivery of Dance Base’s programme of support for professional dance artists in Scotland, leading a small team to do so, supported by our Artist Advisory Group of dance artists from across Scotland
  3. Advocacy and representation
    You will help represent the organisation and the sector across Scotland, the UK and globally, championing artists and identifying needs and opportunities.
  4. Curation and programming
    You’ll be responsible for the programming of performance at our Edinburgh venue, taking responsibility from 2023 for Dance Base’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme.
  5. Support for the whole Dance Base team
    You will work with Centre Director Isabel Moura Mendes and Head of Dance for Health and Wellbeing Emili Åström to ensure their work reflects the diversity of talent in Scotland and supports dance artists’ careers.

How to apply

Full details of the role and the application process can be found Dance Base Scotland's website.

We welcome questions about the job description through recruitment@dancebase.co.uk or via Twitter @dancebase or Facebook @DanceBaseScotland, so that you can make an informed decision about applying. We’ll also publish answers to general questions as an FAQ on our website help all potential candidates.

The formal process will consist of two stages.

1. Expression of interest (closing date 19 May 2021 5pm)

  • We’ll ask all potential candidates to complete a brief EOI form available on our website that provides a simple career history and a short statement of the reasons for your interest in the role. The EOI form will be available on our website from 23 April 2021, along with an Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
  • We’ll ask all those who we consider to have potential for an informal Zoom discussion with key members of the Dance Base team to help them understand the role and the organisation better and identify whether or not they wish to make a full application
  • This is not an ‘assessed’ interview. Dance Base would not prevent anyone who has been invited to a Zoom discussion from proceeding with a full application after this point

2. Full application (closing date 14 June 2021)

  • Candidates who have attended the informal Zoom discussion will be invited to submit a more detailed written application
  • A limited number of candidates will be selected for formal interview to be conducted via Zoom

Apply now