ArtsProfessional forward feature plan

If you think your, or your organisation's, work should be featured in ArtsProfessional – even if you aren't in a position to write yourself – we would love to hear from you. Take a look at our forthcoming features below, to see if there's a topic you would like to contribute to, or suggest one for inclusion in the future. Simply contact the editorial team on with your ideas, and we’ll take it from there!

We are happy to receive pitches as early as you like, and they will always be filed for consideration when commissioning.

317 Thursday 13 September

Cultural commissioning: Making the most of new opportunities

318 Thursday 11 October

The arts and older people: Generating mutual benefits

319 Thursday 8 November

Commercial partnerships: Getting in bed with business

Please note that the dates above are publication dates. We normally commission approximately about four weeks before the copy deadline, which is two weeks before the publication date. For example, for issue 318 (11 October) we will be commissioning articles at the beginning of September.

If you would like to pitch, suggest a future feature, or have any queries contact the editorial team.

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