Staff planning with Yesplan - free webinar

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14th January 2pm - 3pm

31st January 11am - 12 noon

13th February 2pm - 3pm

26th February 11am -12 noon

Find out how you can manage you staff contracts and rosters with Yesplan and integrated tools.

Today, venue management planning is more important than ever. With limited resources and a fast changing environment, you need the right tools to help you and your team.

Many teams are searching for a flexible and transparent way to access the correct data. This often results in a complex tangle and Outlook calendars.

Join this free webinar to learn how to solve your staff planning in 3 different ways. How do you get started?

This webinar is the next chapter of our “Introduction to Yesplan" and we recommend that you attend that webinar first.

During this webinar you’ll get to see how you can extend your use of Yesplan to manage the following:

  • Simple assigning of staff to events
  • Tracking charges for staff
  • Tracking hours against a contract - seeing when overtime kicks in etc.
  • Finding and allocating available staff using the TeamPlan app

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