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Watch our free webinar – Riding On A Cloud: An Overview Of Online Accounting – and learn about the many benefits that cloud accounting can bring to your arts organisation.

Date: Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Time: 11:00am

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In this 60 minute webinar, including Q&As, you’ll learn:

  • What cloud accounting is and how it can positively change the way you and your organisation works.

  • See how cloud accounting simplifies the bookkeeping process, improves efficiency and productivity.

  • Learn how cloud accounting makes a great contribution to management decision making and reporting.

  • How to implement and transition to cloud accounting.

Give access to multiple users and set permissions. If different people manage different elements of your business it’s easy to add multiple users to your account and tailor permissions so that people with specific job roles only see what they need to.

Cloud accounting software utilises the Cloud to store accounting data. It makes financial information accessible to owners and employees anywhere with an internet connection.

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Mahmood Reza

Mahmood Reza is a Finance, Business and Management Professional working within the Cultural, Private and Education Sectors. Mahmood is also the Owner Manager of Pro Active Resolutions, an accounting and business firm which acts as a business friend to arts organisations, creatives, SMES and social enterprise organisations.