Boosting Resilience Open Learning Programme

Developing Resilient Leadership

Monday 11th February to Tuesday 26th March 2019.

"No matter how hard you try, you can’t change the ocean or the weather, so it’s best to learn how to sail in all conditions" Jimmy Deans

Program Description:

This collaborative learning programme acknowledges that the greatest expertise comes from the participants themselves and from releasing collective genius. So the programme is process-led rather than outcome or content led and focuses on helping participants find new ways of approaching their futures out of their pooled knowledge and capabilities whilst the programme provides a framework to think about.

The aim of the programme is to prepare individuals for today’s wicked problems and helps participant’s design and build their own leadership architecture (My Leadership Architecture – MLA). By designing and building your own MLA and then continually getting feedback and evolving your MLA, you will learn how to be more personally resilient and prepared for “wicked” problems.

As you work through our blended programme offering you will participate in a four week online course. You will be given access to material on a weekly basis and it is expected that you will view all the materials, undertake the activities, and engage in the online discussions. Week five will be an opportunity for further preparation before a face to face session in week six.

In this course you will:

  • Prepare yourself for the wicked world;
  • Discover what you stand for and what you want to defend;
  • Focus on where you want to take your leadership;
  • Figure out some strategies and actions to get there.

In order to maximise your learning you are expected to follow the online part of the programme weekly. We anticipate that participants will need around an hour and a half each week for the online elements. Attendance at the face to face session on Tuesday 26th March (in London) is a mandatory part of the course.

Workshop Leaders

Andy Wilkins and Kate Stuart-Cox are joint founders of the professional services firm Perspectiv which works to increase the quantity and quality of creative problem solvers in the world. Dr Amanda Brown is a Research Fellow at Cass Business School. Dawn Wigmore is the Office, Administration Manager and Executive Assistant of the professional services firm Perspectiv.

Please find out more about us here: Boosting Resilience Open Learning Programme

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