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Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy

This course will be delivered virtually via Zoom in two separate 2.5 hour sessions. The first of these will take place on the 23rd March 2021 10-12.30, the second will take place on the 30th March 2021 10-12.30. Both of these are necessary to complete the full training. If you have any questions about how this day will run virtually please get in touch with Sarah at sarah.teale@cause4.co.uk

This brand new course is designed to help you reach out to communities your organisation may not currently be engaging with and to explore practical ways to involve them in your organisation’s fundraising. It will be taught in partnership with Na'eem Raza.

It has never been more important for organisations to make sure that the work created has an impact on a diverse range of people in your communities. This journey starts with including these wider communities in your fundraising strategy. At a time where the world feels increasingly fractured, it seems more important than ever for the arts and cultural sectors to play a role in bringing communities together. Could your organisation be successful in raising money from particular ethnic or religious communities? And what will you need to consider to ensure that your communications are engaging and sensitive?

 This course is designed to give you practical tools to reach new communities, and to start you on a journey to make these new relationships long lasting and meaningful for both your organisation and your donors.

Who is it for?

Anyone in an organisation hoping to find ways to reach new and diverse donor communities.

You will learn:

  •  The cultural sensitivities of reaching out to new fundraising communities
  • To explore the appropriateness of the fundraising ask
  • To think through the latest trends in charitable fundraising from different stakeholder groups
  • To explore how culturally ready your organisation is to reach out to new communities
  • To critique case studies and ideas for what diverse-led fundraising campaigns need to consider
  • To build practical best steps for developing this aspect of your organisation’s fundraising strategy

Enrol Now

For more information about all our courses please visit ArtsFundraising & Philanthropy Training

Course date: March 23rd & March 30th, 10am - 12.30pm

Course Staff

Na'eem Raza

Naeem is an entrepreneur, visionary and change maker, born in Huddersfield and raised in Glasgow.



Michelle Wright

Michelle is the Programme Director of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy funded by Arts Council England, which she set up in partnership with the Arts Marketing Association and the University of Leeds in 2013.