Wales to put arts at the heart of the curriculum

Photo of girl dancing
03 Jul 2015

The expressive arts will be one of six areas of learning and experience that will take the place of traditional subjects as Wales approves a radical overhaul of its curriculum for primary and secondary schools.

Demand for RFO funding in Wales to outstrip supply

Photo of a puppet production
05 Jun 2015

The Arts Council of Wales has published details of progress in the Investment Review that will determine its portfolio of revenue funded organisations from April 2016. 

Wales to tackle poverty through culture

Photo of graffiti in Swansea
22 May 2015

New approaches to using culture to improve lives will be trialled in six deprived communities over the coming year.

Welsh programme to develop new theatre for children

Photo of a man under a rug
28 Apr 2015

A £300k pilot programme aims to encourage artists and companies to create theatrical experiences for families and young people for the first time.

Queen’s Award for Wales Millennium Centre

Photo of three women singing
21 Apr 2015

WMC’s sustainable business model has prompted the award, which goes only to organisations recognised as having achieved the very highest levels of excellence.

Wales delivers on equality with access card scheme

Photo of a person in a wheelchair at the theatre
27 Mar 2015

Arts venues in Wales have joined forces to implement a new national scheme that aims to provide more consistent and reliable arts experiences for disabled people.

Creative learning in Wales

Image of children creating village scene in the classroom
05 Mar 2015

Nick Capaldi explains the new partnership between the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales which puts arts and creativity at the heart of the school curriculum.

Wales commits to creative education

Photo of school children taking part in a Carnival
03 Mar 2015

The Welsh Government and the Arts Council have joined forces in a national schools initiative that will embed the arts and creativity into the curriculum with a view to driving up educational attainment levels, particularly among disadvantaged students.

Arts Council of Wales to review regular funding

Photo of ACW form
09 Jan 2015

The future shape and membership of ACW’s revenue portfolio will be determined by a Review aimed at identifying the right organisations to deliver its strategies.

Regeneration focus for new funding

Photo taken outside Swansea train station
19 Dec 2014

Arts projects will be integral to a series of initiatives involving local communities and aiming to improve quality of life in Wales.

Arts organisations increasingly rely on volunteers

Photo of a man wearing a 'Volunteer' tshirt
17 Dec 2014

The latest data reveals a shift in both employment practices and audience patterns among Arts Council of Wales’ Revenue Funded Organisations.

Radical strategy and new focus for the Arts Council of Wales

Photo of an outdoor, promenade performance
04 Dec 2014

A new five-year strategy abandons artform emphasis and sets out to enable creative professionals to work at their best and connect with the whole of Wales.

Breaking with the past

Photo of an outdoor, promenade performance
04 Dec 2014

David Alston explains why the Arts Council of Wales has set about developing a strategy for our times – and why artists are at the heart of it.

Making an impact

Image of Cardiff Bay building site
04 Dec 2014

As Wales Millennium Centre marks its tenth anniversary, Mathew Milsom is proud of the economic and social impact the centre has had on Cardiff and beyond.

My Gurus

20 Nov 2014

Artistic and Creative Director of Wales Millennium Centre, Graeme Farrow pays homage to those who have inspired him over the course of his career.

Wales fears the impact of council cuts

Photo of a young girl drawing
11 Nov 2014

It is becoming increasingly less likely that culture and arts services will be able to play a meaningful part in delivering the Government’s ambition of tackling poverty and promoting social justice, the Welsh Local Government Association has warned.

Job Ladder

Photo of Sara Pepper
01 Oct 2014

Sara Pepper just landed her dream job as Director of Creative Economy at Cardiff University. She tells us what exactly she does and how she came to do it.

Local authorities playing it safe, report warns

Photo of a tightrope walker
04 Sep 2014

The trend for closing arts services is continuing, with over a third of local authorities in England and Wales left with no arts officer.

Arts Council of Wales given thumbs up by most clients

Photo of two kids and a man at an arts event
07 Aug 2014

Majority of stakeholders find the council’s work effective, relevant and fair, but some areas for improvement are identified in recent survey.

Leading the singing

Image of Sing with Us choirs
16 Jun 2014

The Sing with Us network of choirs brings together cancer patients and their families from across Wales. Rosie Dow describes her role as manager of the choir leaders.


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